My Neighbor Totoro (Characters)

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Satsuki Kusakabi Voice: NORIKO Hidaka

Totoro characters satsuki.jpg

An 11-year-old girl. Satsuki is the traditional name of the fifth month of the Japanese calendar, the equivalent of the English May

Mei Kusakabe Voice: CHIKA Sakamoto

Totoro characters mei.jpg

Satsuki's four-year-old sister. Her name deliberately echoes her sister's, reflecting the fact that the story originally featured one girl, who was then divided into an older and younger sister. (The widely-distributed promotional image for the film of a girl standing next to Totoro at a bus stop reflects the earlier conception with a single child.)

Tatsuo Kusakabe Voice: SHIGESATO Itoi

Totoro characters tatsuo.jpg

The girls' father, who works in the archaeology and anthropology departments of a Tokyo university.

Yasuko Kusakabe Voice: SUMI Shimamoto

Totoro characters yasuko.jpg

The girls' mother, recovering from an unnamed illness (confirmed by Miyazaki as being tuberculosis) at Shichikokuyama Hospital, which is noted for its tuberculosis treatment program. (Miyazaki's mother had tuberculosis when he was a boy.)

Totoro Voice: HITOSHI Takagi

Totoro characters totoro.jpg

A grey, friendly forest spirit, at least three meters tall. Totoro is Mei's mispronunciation of torōru, Japanese for troll. There are two similar, smaller creatures in the film, also referred to as totoro; the big grey Totoro is named "Ō-Totoro", or "Miminzuku", the middle is "Chū-Totoro", or "Zuku", and the smallest is "Chibi-Totoro", or "Mini". (These names do not appear in the film itself, but are used in ancillary materials.)

Kanta Ogaki Voice: TOSHIYUKI Amagasa

Totoro characters kanta.jpg

A preteen boy of their village, ambivalent towards Satsuki. This character resembles Miyazaki in his fondness for cartoons and airplanes.

Catbus Voice: SHIMAMOTO Sumi

Totoro characters catbus.jpg

A house cat that undergoes a metamorphosis into a passenger bus, based on the Japanese belief that if a cat grows old enough, it gains magical shape-changing powers, and is called a bake neko. Bake neko are mentioned in several Ghibli films.

Granny/Nanny Voice: KITABAYASHI Tanie

Totoro characters obaasan.jpg

Kanta's grandmother, who sometimes takes care of the girls.