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Jigen and Goemon Hold The Fort

At this point, Zenigata and his troops arrive and head towards the altar while battling the Royal Guard. Fujiko plays along and follows Zenigata with a camera into the basement. "Surprised" at his "fortunate" discovery, Zenigata hams it up for the cameras and his watching bosses back at Interpol, as he reveals the secret counterfeiting equipment. Lupin heads for the aqueduct with Clarisse, who leaves her tiara behind with Goemon and Jigen who hold off the guards. But the Count is following close behind in the boat.

Lupin and Clarisse pause as they reach the clock tower, and the carving on its side give Lupin a clue as to how to discover the secret of the Cagliostros. Putting the rings face-to-face, he finds an inscription running around their edges. Clarisse realises that it is an old saying secretly passed down through the family - "When Light and Shadow are joined, face the goat on high who faces the sun and tells time, and place me in its eyes". They flee into the clock tower, leaping lightly from cog to sprocket as the Count's men close in. Lupin manages to throw a spanner in the works which cuts off the troops, but that leaves him to face the Count. When Lupin gets caught up in the clockwork, the Count goes after Clarisse. She runs up the top staircase only to find herself emerging onto the face of the clock.

Clarisse Leaps to Lupins Rescue

With nowhere to go and trapped by the Count, she makes one final run for the tip of the hour hand. Lupin tempts the Count back with the pair of rings and the secret behind them. He points to an ancient carving of a goat high up on the clock face, into whose eyes the rings are to be placed to find the treasure. The Count has one last trick up his sleeves and knocks Lupin off the minute hand with rockets hidden in one of his gloves. He prepares to finish the thief off, but Clarisse makes a heroic leap to drag the Count off the clock face. Although he manages to hang on, Clarisse falls towards the lake, and Lupin leaps after her.

With no-one left to stop him, the Count now scales the clock face to the carving of the goat. Placing the rings in its eyes, he finds he has activated a secret mechanism which brings the great hands of the clock together, moving nearer and nearer, closing around him until.

A Parting Kiss

The clock strikes furiously, distracting everyone at the castle from their battles. There is an explosion at the base of the clock tower, and the ancient wall damming the lake is breached. The waters rush through and flood the Castle, putting and end to the counterfeiting operation. In the morning light, Lupin and Clarisse return to the now-dry ruins of the old castle, to be confronted by a vision of the beautiful Roman city that lay hidden for so long beneath the lake. Lupin realises that he has to flee the arriving Interpol troops, leaving the doting Clarisse to rule over her people, gently dissuading her from a life of thievery with him. Once again, the gentleman thief wins her over with a promise to return if necessary. Clarisse smiles at the parting of an old friend not quite remembered, and even Zenigata, sworn by duty to uphold the law, realises Lupin's chivalry, and leaves Clarisse with a parting wink.

Fujiko is also leaving town, but manages to drive past the wistful Lupin for a final time, showing off the counterfeiting plates that she managed to steal in the confusion. While Lupin finds them tempting, he is distracted by Old Man Zenigata, once more close behind his old foe as the chase is on again.

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