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The Castle of Cagliostro
Lupin Cagliostro DVD USA Manga Cover.jpg
DVD case cover
Original title ルパン三世・カリオストロの城
(Rupan Sansei - Kariosutoro no Shiro)
Media type DVD
Aspect Ratio  1.85 Letterbox
Region 1, 2, 4
Country USA
Language(s) English (DD2 Manga dub), Japanese (DD2)
Subtitle(s) English
Publisher Manga Entertainment
Released 25 April 2000
Video format NTSC
# of Discs 1 DVD-9
Runtime 109 minutes
Catalog # MANG4051-2 WR02

Original Price: $29.95

Notes: Digital letterboxed remaster with new English-language dub (not the Streamline dub). Extras include web access, Manga Video promo trailers, interactive menus, and scene access.