Lupin III (Japan BD)

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Lupin III - The Castle of Cagliostro
Lupin coc jpn bd cover front.png
Blu-ray Cover
Original title ルパン三世・カリオストロの城
(Rupan Sansei - Kariosutoro no Shiro)
Media type BD
Aspect Ratio  1.85:1 Windowboxed Widescreen
Region A/B/C
Country Japan
Language(s) Japanese (LPCM 2.0)
Japanese (DTS HD MA 5.1)
Japanese (Dolby True HD 5.1)
Subtitle(s) None
Publisher VAP
Released 3 December 2008
Video format 1080i MPEG-4 AVC
# of Discs 1
Runtime 100 minutes
Catalog # VPXV-71002
JAN: 4988021710022
Price ¥4800

Notes: Interlaced transfer. No subtitles. Japanese Only. Includes two 4:3 letterboxed trailers.

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