Laputa: Castle in the Sky (USA Soundtrack)

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Castle in the Sky
~Laputa: The Castle In The Sky USA Version Soundtrack~
Castle booklet 00 cover front.png
CD Cover
Original title Castle in the Sky ~天空の城ラピュタ USAヴァージョン・サウンドトラック~
Composer Joe Hisaishi
Performer Seattle Symphony Orchestra
Media type Compact Disc
Country Japan
Series Studio Ghibli Records
Publisher Tokuma Japan Communications
Released 2 October 2002
Catalog # TKCA-72436
# of Discs 1
# of Tracks 23
Runtime 60:59

Price: ¥2381 (¥2500 tax included)

Music used in US version of the film. Read about the creation of the soundtrack.
A special version of the CD was also included in the DVD Collector's Edition.

Track Title/[English translation] Notes Time
1 Prologue ~ Flaptors Attack 2:52
2 The Girl Who Fell from the Sky (Main Theme) 2:34
3 The Levitation Crystal 1:20
4 Morning in the Mining Village 1:07
5 Pazu's Fanfare 1:10
6 The Legend of Laputa 3:06
7 A Street Brawl 3:16
8 The Chase 2:54
9 Floating with the Crystal 0:52
10 Memories of Gondoa 1:24
11 Stones Glowing in the Darkness 3:22
12 Disheartened Pazu 4:58
13 Robot Soldiers ~Resurrection & Rescue~ 2:46
14 Dola and the Pirates 2:11
15 Confessions in the Moonlight 2:42
16 The Dragon's Nest 3:31
17 The Lost Paradise 1:57
18 The Forgotten Robot Soldier 4:39
19 The Invasion of Goliath 3:21
20 Pazu Fights Back 3:23
21 The Final Showdown 2:26
22 The Destruction of Laputa (Choral Version) 2:08
23 The Eternal Tree of Life 2:46

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