Kiki's Delivery Service (Sydney Forest -- Collected Film and Television Works)

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Sydney Forest -- Collected Film and Television Works
Kiki sforest.jpg
Composer Sydney Forest
Performer Sydney Forest
Media type CD
Country USA
Publisher Disney Music Company
Released May 2000
# of Discs 1
# of Tracks 5
Runtime 17:07

Track Title Notes Time
1 I'm Gonna Fly Kiki's Delivery Service Ending song
Produced by Russ Kunkel
2 Soaring Kiki's Delivery Service Opening song
Produced by Donny Makowitz
3 High School Highway from the WB's Popular
Produced by Donny Makowitz
4 Once in a Blue Moon from New Regency's Simply Irresistible 3:51
5 New House bonus track from the Sydney Forest record Suburban Casualty
Produced by Russ Kunkel

Offered from the now defunct website for USD7. The CD itself is a CD-R with a printed paper label.