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Sophie Fulfils Her Promise

As Sophie places the fluttering, childlike heart back on Howl's chest, Calcifer suddenly bursts forth like the shooting star he once was, proclaiming his freedom. Howl stirs, but Calcifer's departure sends the now inert platform toppling towards the mountain's edge. Only by throwing himself in the way does Turnip-Head save the family, at the cost of being ground down to almost nothing.

Sophie gratefully kisses the Turnip for his sacrifice. But as in all the best fairy tales, Turnip-head suddenly transforms into a handsome prince! He reveals that his disappearance was the reason the war was being fought. His love, who had rescued him from the barren Waste, had finally restored him to his true form with a kiss. Unfortunately, the object of his affections is in love with another, so he can only gallantly return home. Howl happily bears the burden of his restored heart, together with his new family. Spying on this scene, Madame Suliman decides to call off the war, which no longer has any believable pretext. And even Calcifer returns - after all, he misses them and might need somewhere to stay when it rains?

Happy Ending

Over the closing song, we see a scene of Howl's Castle flying serenely through blue skies. The rebuilt Castle is now a true home to Howl's family, including Calcifer, Markl and the girl for whom he'd waited all his life - Sophie.

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