Howl's Moving Castle (Image Album)

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Howl's Moving Castle Image Album
Howl image album booklet 00 cover front.png
CD Cover
Original title イメージ交響組曲<br\>ハウルの動く城<br\>(Hauru no Ugoku Shiro Imeeji Arubamu)
Composer Joe Hisaishi
Performer Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
Media type Compact Disc
Country Japan
Series Studio Ghibli Records
Publisher Tokuma Japan Communications
Released 21 January 2004
Catalog # TKCA-72620
# of Discs 1
# of Tracks 10
Runtime 48:42

Price: ¥3000

Recorded at Dvorak Hall in Prague, Czech Republic with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Mario Clements. Mixing done at Abbey Road Studio, London

Track Title/[English translation] Notes Time
1 ミステリアス・ワールド <br\> [Mysterious World] 5:04
2 動く城の魔法使い <br\> [The Wizard of the Moving Castle] 5:56
3 ソフィーの明日 <br\> [Sophie's Tomorrow] 5:10
4 ボーイ <br\> [Boy] The title is written in katakana and, according to some

Japanese dictionaries, can mean "bellhop" or "porter".

5 動く城 <br\> [Moving Castle] 3:56
6 ウォー・ウォー・ウォー(War War War) <br\> [War War War] 4:47
7 魔法使いのワルツ <br\> [Wizard's Waltz] 5:39
8 シークレット・ガーデン <br\> [Secret Garden] 3:24
9 暁の誘惑 <br\> [The Allure of Dawn] 5:15
10 ケイヴ・オブ・マインド <br\> [Cave of Mind] 5:48

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