Grave of the Fireflies (USA DVD - ADV)

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Grave of the Fireflies
Grave DVD USA ADV.jpg
Original title 火垂るの墓
(Hotaru no Haka)
Media type DVD
Aspect Ratio  Anamorphic widescreen 1.85
Region 1
Country USA
Language(s) Japanese (DD 2.0)
English (DD 2.0)
Subtitle(s) English
Publisher AD Vision Films
Released 7 July 2009
Video format 480i/480p
# of Discs 2
Runtime 88 minutes
Catalog # ADV020682 ASIN: B0029KS9FM

Price: $19.98

This 2-disc ADV release is a duplicate of the out-of-print CPM Collector's Series Edition.

First disc contains:

  • The film itself
  • Full Storyboards via DVD Alternate Angle feature

Second disc contains:

  • Interview with Film Critic Roger Ebert
  • Creative team extras:
    • Interview with Director Isao Takahata
    • Author Akiyuki Nosaka's Biography
    • Director Isao Takahata's Biography
    • Japanese Release Promo
  • Production extras:
    • DVNR (Digital Video Noise Reduction) Featurette
    • Art Gallery
    • Locations, Then and Now
    • Bonus Storyboards
    • US Trailer
    • Japanese Trailer
  • Historical Perspective with Professor Theodore F. Cook & Professor Haruko Taya Cook, authors of Japan at War and Emperor's War, People's Wars
  • DVD-ROM content