Ghibli Artisan - Kazuo Oga Exhibition, A

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Documentary: 19 December 2007 / 138 minutes

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A Ghibli Artisan - Kazuo Oga Exhibition - The One Who Drew Totoro's Forest (ジブリの絵職人 男鹿和雄展 トトロの森を描いた人 Jiburi no Eshokunin - Oga Kazuo Ten - Totoro no Mori o Kaita Hito?) is a documentary about Kazuo Oga and the background art he has created over the years for Studio Ghibli. The documentary highlights an exhibition of Oga's work that was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoT) in Tokyo from 21 July to 30 September 2007. It originally aired on the NTV network and is available on both DVD and Blu-ray in Japan.

After the MoT show, the exhibition went on national tour in Japan from May 2008 to February 2010. Tour locations and dates (in Japanese)