Gauche the Cellist Theater Program Pamphlet

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Gauche the Cellist
Goshu pamphlet Japan cover.jpg
Front Cover
Author Editor: Takashi Namiki, Anido
Original title (if not in English) セロ弾きのゴーシュ
(Serohiki no Gooshu)
Illustrator Toshitsugu Saida
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Publisher Oh Production, Kouichi Murata
Released 1982
Pages 18
Size and weight A4

Current Price: ¥1050 (tax included)

Note: Souvenir movie roadshow program pamphlet printed on high quality glossy paper. These are available for sale at theaters in Japan during the first runs as well as on-line. Contains a variety of sketches and production art, background production information, along with cast and staff profiles.