Gauche the Cellist (Japan DVD - BVHE)

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Gauche the Cellist
Goshu dvd cover front.png
Original title セロ弾きのゴーシュ
(Serohiki no Go-shu)
Media type DVD
Aspect Ratio  Fullscreen 4:3
Region 2
Country Japan
Language(s) Japanese mono (DD 2.0)
Subtitle(s) Standard Japanese
Regional Dialect Japanese
Publisher Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Japan)
Released 7 July 2006
Video format NTSC
# of Discs 2
Runtime 63 minutes
Catalog # VWDZ8094 ASIN: B000EZ8314

Price: ¥4935 (tax included)

Notes: BVHE Japan 2-disc re-release of this 1980 title from Oh Production as a "Ghibli ga Ippai Collection Special" title. Released on the 110th birthday of Kenji Miyazawa.

First disc contents:

  • The film itself (with selectable Japanese or English subtitles)

Second disc contents:

  • Featurette about Kenji Miyazawa: "Kenji and Music and Iihatobu - The sixth symphony Kenji heard" (41 minutes - no subtitles)
  • 4-Minute trailer
  • Staff interviews with Isao Takahata, Koichi Murata, Shunji Saida, Tadao Kubota (80 minutes - no subtitles)
  • Galleries
    • Imageboards
    • Storyboards
    • Art and background boards
    • Character model sheets
  • "Ghibli ga Ippai" trailers
  • Bonus items - Gauche the Cellist DVD map, Tales from Earthsea flyer

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