Delicious Tea

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Commercial: 12 March 2001 - 18 May 2001 / 2 @ 15 seconds each
Director: Osamu Tanabe
Planning: Hakuhodo
Created for Asahi Beverage Company

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Scenes from the commercial
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Delicious Tea (旨茶 Umacha?) was a series of two commercials created for Umacha, a chilled tea from the Asahi Beverage Company, which went on sale March 12, 2001. The animated commercials produced by Studio Ghibli were done in the watercolor style of My Neighbors the Yamadas, though the characters are a bit more realistic than those in Yamadas. There were also live-action versions of these commercials, and both versions began airing in Japan on March 5th (one week before the drink arrived in stores).

In the second commercial, the main character is played by Takeshi Naito, who did the Japanese voice of Chihiro's father in the film Spirited Away.