A Tale of Tales

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A Tale of Tales
Takahata Tale of Tales Cover.jpg
Front Cover
Author Isao Takahata
Animage Editorial Staff
Original title (if not in English) 話の話
(Hanashi no Hanashi)
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Series Animage Collection AM JuJu
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Released April 1984
June 2002
Pages 143
Size and weight A6
ISBN -10: 4-19-669524-8
-13: 978-4196695240
ZC: 669524-8 F-006

Original Price: ¥390
Reissue Price: ¥840

Note: A Tale of Tales (Ска́зка ска́зок Skazka skazok) is an animated film made by Russian animation director Yuri Norstein in 1979. Takahata loves this film.