[Misc. Ghibli] Anno to direct a movie at Ghibli?

Ryoko Toyama (airami@starleaf.net)
Sat, 24 Jul 1999 12:22:13 +0900

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Subject: [Misc. Ghibli] Anno to direct a movie at Ghibli?
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 12:22:13 +0900

At the premier of "My Neighbors the Yamadas", Mr. Tokum, the president of
Tokuma Publishing, announced that Hideaki Anno, the director of Evangelion,
is going to make a movie at Ghibli.

According to the interview of Mr. Suzuki (the producer and "president" of
Ghibli) in Kinema Jumpo, a Japanese movie magazine, there is indeed a plan
that Hideaki Anno to make a film at Ghibli. It is still in the preparation
stage, so not much can be said. Shinji Higuchi, the SFX director of "Gamera"
series (he also wrote storyboards for several episodes of Eva) is also in
the project.

Another information source says that Anno has already quit Gainax, and has
moved to Ghibli. There is also a rumor that the movie is going to be a
live-action, not animation.