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Mononoke Hime
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CD Giveaway CLOSED - Results

Milan Entertainment and Nausicaa.net present a CD Giveaway!

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The deadline for entries has passed!

Please do not send any more entries. All entries received after 12:01am June 1st, 2001 (Pacific Time), will be ignored.


Valid entries: 119 answered all questions correctly
Invalid entries: 61
  • answered at least one question incorrectly
  • did not answer all questions
  • forgot to supply a postal address
  • tried to submit more than one entry per postal address
  • tried to submit more than one entry per e-mail address
Total entries: 180 arrived before June 1st, 2001


  1. Michael Rieper, NJ, USA
  2. Jari Lepisto, Jyvaskyla, FINLAND
  3. M. Gilmore, FL, USA
  4. Brandon Erickson, CT, USA
  5. Tim Rowlandson, Ontario, CANADA
  6. Tony Heitkam, Cottbus, GERMANY
  7. Jeremey Garfield, ACT, AUSTRALIA
  8. Laura Daniel, SC, USA
  9. Raz Greenberg, ISRAEL
  10. Aaron Weiss, AL, USA

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated.

Answers posted!

Answers to the contest questions have been posted. We hope that you were one of the ones who answered them all correctly!

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