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Warning! Nausicaa manga plot spoilers ahead!

Nausicaa Manga Comparison

Animage vs. Collected Volumes

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by Scott Ryan (vorplesword at


More often, rather than redrawing entire pages, Miyazaki added panels to his existing work. These additional "wide angle" panels usually had the effect of inserting visual space amidst very dense, almost congested story telling. With the subjects of the larger panels less confined, Miyazaki was able to give a clearer sense of each subjects' proximity to one another and convey their movement more easily.
Below, the additional panels transform one page into two...
Animage 1984/12, (volume 78), page 204
(original publication)
  Volume 3 - page 136 (UP# 384)
Animage 1984/12, (volume 78), page 204 Volume 3 - page 136
Volume 3 - page 137 (UP# 385)
Volume 3 - page 137


And two pages into three...
Animage 1994/3, (volume 189), page 196
(original publication)
  Volume 7 - pps. 214-215 (UP# 1051-1052)
Animage 1994/3, (volume 189), page 196 Volume 7 - pps. 214
Volume 7 - pps. 215
Volume 7 - page 216 (UP# 1053)
Volume 7 - page 216

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If reading this article made you feel cheated because the Animage version isn't available, fear not. The collected edition really is the more complete telling of the saga; more panels, more pages, plus scenes as Miyazaki wanted them to be seen. The thrust of this article was to provide a rare opportunity to compare Miyazaki's 2nd-to-last draft, which was good, with his final draft, which is just that much better.

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