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Official Company Webpages

Studio Ghibli This is the studio that brought you everything from Nausicaä to Howl's Moving Castle. See the complete list of film and TV titles.
Tokuma Shoten Parent company of Studio Ghibli. In Japanese, but also has a company profile in English.
Walt Disney Struck a deal with Tokuma Shoten to distribute Studio Ghibli films worldwide.
Buena Vista Home Entertainment The Disney-owned company responsible for bringing Kiki's Delivery Service to North America on home video.
Miramax The Disney-owned company which is responsible for bringing Princess Mononoke to North America.
Milan Records The company responsible for releasing the Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away soundtracks in North America.

Other Fan-maintained Webpages
Buta Connection Vast French site dedicated to Studio Ghibli.
Online Ghibli "Bringing goods from Studio Ghibli"
Anime Check-list A database of Japanese animation produced since 1917. Links to Nausicaa.net under the section "Selected monothematic sites".

Anime in General
[Anime Web Turnpike] The AniPike (and its European mirror), where you can find a huge collection of webpages related to Japanese Animation.

"A World-Wide Web mediator that renders the kana and kanji on Japanese WWW documents in real-time for any graphical browser."

Thanks and Recognition
[TCP.com] We thank James Lick, owner of TCP.COM, for hosting the Miyazaki Web since 1994, until Nausicaa.net was established.
Buena Vista Home Entertainment We thank our contacts at BVHE for their generous supply of information about the home video releases of Studio Ghibli films.
Miramax Films We thank our contacts at Miramax for taking the time to help us bring the word about Princess Mononoke to the fans and public.

Anime sites which link to Nausicaa.net
(Not a complete list.)

If you wish to link to Nausicaa.net or use this banner, please let us know.

AnimeFringe.com Animefringe.com's annual Top 25 Must Visit Anime Websites feature has placed us:
@anime! Magazine @anime! links to us from a review of Princess Mononoke and a review of its soundtrack.
Anime News Network ANN has several articles about Nausicaa.net.
Anime Turnpike
[Anime Web Turnpike]
The AniPike has many links to us, especially to films that are covered here.

Non-anime sites which link to Nausicaa.net
(Not a complete list.)
Keyframe Keyframe - the Animation Resource link to us from many different profile pages.
GAIN The official Gillian Anderson web site used to have a link to Nausicaa.net and the movie trailer, but they now only mention one trailer and interviews with Gillian Anderson about her role in the film.
Ain't It Cool News Features a number of reviews of the English dub of Princess Mononoke, to be released by Miramax.
The Dreaming The Official Neil Gaiman Page has information about his involvement with the English script for the film Princess Mononoke.
StayTooned.com StayTooned has a number of articles mentioning Nausicaa.net, including this review of Mononoke Hime, and information about a Ghibli film festival in Cleveland, Ohio.
Fan Grrl "kristen brennan reviews her favorite comicbooks and comicstrips."
[Jedi Academy] The Jedi Academy was impressed with the site and asked to feature a Nausicaa.net banner.
CelebrityFind.com tells us "In our hunt for only the best, we have chosen your site as one of the top in its category. This makes your site among the first one thousand sites featured." Nausicaa.net appears as a link about Miyazaki in their Animation and Comics / Cartoonists page
[AltaVista] Search AltaVista for pages linking to our old TCP.com site, as well as pages linking to our current Nausicaa.net site.

Awards given to Nausicaa.net
(Not a complete list.)
[Anime Web Turnpike Picks] Anime Web Turnpike Site of the Week, for the weeks of
[Coolserver.com's Cool Site of the Week of 9/13/1999] Coolserver.com's Cool Site of the Week of 9/13/1999.
"Not all fansites are created equal. Some are obsequiously or fanatically devoted, having entirely too many images or obscure facts about the subject. Others are sparse affairs of regurgitated PR material. But when one comes across a site that is both informative, easy to navigate, and not too heavy on images, well, it gets presented as a Cool Site of the Week."
[SciFi.com's Site of the Week of 11/08/1999] SciFi.com's Site of the Week of 11/08/1999.
"As animation master Hayao Miyazaki's film Princess Mononoke finally becomes widely available in America, expect to see the traffic soar at Nausicca.net, an amazing fan-run resource for anyone interested in Miyazaki's work. This unbelievably comprehensive, cleanly designed site is a treasure trove of information for Miyazaki fans of all shapes and sizes."
[Encyclopaedia Britannica] Selected member of the Britannica Internet Guide (1/31/2000).
"Britannica.com is contacting you because our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability."

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