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Mononoke Hime
(Princess Mononoke)


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Official Trailer for the Miramax English version

We give thanks to Miramax for their permission to make this trailer available to the public, and of course Harry Knowles, Robogeek, Moriarty, and FreeRide of Ain't It Cool News for making this possible.

This site is mentioned on Ain't It Cool News in Robogeek's headline article "AICN Brings You The World Premiere of Miramax's PRINCESS MONONOKE Trailer in conjunction with Nausicaa.Net!!!" Please let them know what you think about this special feature by posting to their Talk Back section.

Read what other people have said about the trailers.

[99/10/03] Thank you for your letters to Miramax! It's been a month since the trailer was first made available here on Nausicaa.net, and the response has been terrific! Thank you all for writing in, but I'm afraid I'm quite swamped with mail and haven't had time to post it here. To help me catch up, please stop sending us new mail to be posted on Nausicaa.net for Miramax's attention.

Miramax have read your letters about the trailer! They want to use your letters on their official Princess Mononoke web site. They haven't told me exactly how they'll use it, where they'll post them, or when, however. I'll let you know here if I find out. Otherwise, why not head over there to check up on what they have made available already?

TROUBLE DOWNLOADING? To avoid swamping our FTP server, downloads of the trailers will be limited to 50 simultaneous connections at all times. Please use our mirror sites if you can't download the trailer from here. Thank you.

Mononoke Logo

Nausicaa.net, in conjunction with Ain't It Cool News and other mirror sites, is hosting online the official Miramax trailer for the English-language theatrical release of Princess Mononoke.

Princess Mononoke Trailer - QuickTime 4 Sorenson version

New version of the trailer (hosted at Apple's QuickTime site)
This new QuickTime 4 (Sorenson) version of the trailer is widescreen (320x172 pixels resolution) with improved video quality; has CD-quality stereo audio; and has an updated narration (the announcer now pronounces the words "Miyazaki" and "Mononoke" more correctly).
Requires QuickTime 4+ for Windows or Macintosh; 2 min 2 sec, 8.2 MB

Princess Mononoke Trailer - QuickTime 2 Cinepak version

Original version of the trailer
This QuickTime 2 (Cinepak) version of the trailer has the same content as the new trailer, but with the original narration, monaural sound, and lower video quality (160x120 pixels resolution).
Playable with QuickTime 2+ or Windows Media Player; 2 min 2 sec, 6.82 MB

Mirror sites also hosting the original official trailer for the Miramax English version


TCP.COM has kindly agreed to mirror the Cinepak version (QuickTime 2) trailer there.


We would also like to thank the sites Animanga.nu, Megami.net, Penguin-Studios.com, and Magma.ca for hosting the trailers. They have discontinued hosting of the trailers.

Trailer and clip for the French version

Trailers for the original Japanese version

Miscellaneous clips

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