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Katsuya Kondou
Kondou Katsuya


[Katsuya Kondou] Katsuya Kondou (sometimes spelled "Kondo") is one of the top animators at Studio Ghibli. Born on June 2, 1963, he has been working on Ghibli movies since Laputa in 1986. He was the animation director for Kiki, Only Yesterday, and I Can Hear the Sea. He did the character designs for Kiki and I Can Hear the Sea, and also worked as a Key Animator on Mononoke Hime and Yamada-kun.

To make things more complicated, Yoshifumi Kondou was also an animation director on Kiki and Only Yesterday! They are not related, though.
Non-Ghibli Works by Kondou


Jade Cocoon
Tamamayu Monogatari
(Tamamayu Monogatari)


  Kondou also worked on Tamamayu Monogatari (Jade Cocoon), a Sony PlayStation video game released in 1998. He was the character designer and scenic designer for the game. The game was released in Japan by Genki, and released in North America by Crave Entertainment. A low-price edition of the game was released in Japan on September 14, 1999.

A sequel was released on the Sony PlayStation 2 console. Kondou returned as the character designer for this game. Ubi Soft released the US version of the game December 2001 under the title Jade Cocoon 2.

You can read an interview (in Japanese) with Kondou on the Yomiuri Shinbun site.

Tamamayu Monogatari Copyright 1998 Genki & Katsuya Kondou.
Jade Cocoon Copyright Crave Entertainment.


Recent Works:

Kondou has worked on these non-Studio Ghibli films:

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