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Tour of Studio Ghibli


4. Third Floor and Roof


Stairs to the third floor. stairs 2

Art Department:

artThe Art department occupies most of the third floor. This is a very quiet and tension-filled room.




Character Merchandising Department: Ghibli co-develops merchandises of its characters with manufacturers. Many Ghibli character goods are stored in this room.

Japanese room: A room with Tatami. It is used by female employees to take a break. Chiropractic sessions were conducted here twice a week during the time "Mononoke Hime" was made.



roof gardenThere is a garden on the roof, designed by Miyazaki's son. Staff members take a break here, and it also contributes to save energy and cut the air conditioning cost. A corner of the garden is reserved as "untouchable" so that weeds can grow freely. .

Triceratops Miyazaki bought a replica of Triceratops skull fossil and placed it in the roof garden.


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