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Goro Miyazaki's Blog Translation (Page 71)

This is a supplementary entry while the director is busy.

Number 71 - The Last (Supplementary) Entry

It's sudden, but the Director's Blog Supplementary Edition finishes today. From Monday next week Director Goro will take up his pen once more.

Although my unworthy self, Kishimoto, has only been serving as a pinch hitter for two weeks, a lot has happened. Somehow or other, I have continued the Pringles topic. At the outset, when it was nicknamed "The Pringles Diary", the fate of this Supplementary Edition was probably sealed. Even the occasional supportive e-mail I received saying "Go for it Nayochin!"[1] left me feeling both overjoyed and a strange kind of pressure. "Some things are just wrong!" kind of thing[2].

Continuing on with this blog would be a burden, but coming to an end feels sad. I wrote fairly un-Ghibli-like things, but there was a great delight in finding that some people, no matter how few, enjoyed it. While I am feeling just the faintest trace of regret[3], I will farewell you with the following words:

Lament[4] for fleetingness is the nature of the love in this world


Translator's Notes

[1]: Japanese 'ganbatte' usually translates best as "Good Luck" but in this case 'go for it' or 'keep it up' is more accurate.

[2]: I'm not exactly sure what he means by this. 'Dame na mono wa dame nan da yo-o' is literally something like: "No-good things are no-good". 'Dame' can mean both 'useless' and a warning not to do something, as in: 'That's a no-no".

[3]: At finishing up rather than about what he wrote.

[4]: I don't really understand the verb endings here so this is an approximation. The original text in its entiretly is "Nagekitamaiso, kuraki wa kono yo no koi no shou nareba."

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