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(Tales from Earthsea)

Goro Miyazaki's Blog Translation (Page 70)

This is a supplementary entry while the director is busy.

Number 70 - The Director keeps silent...[1]

Today we were working at adding sound to the trailer at the TV Tokyo Centre. I say that, but of course it wasn't actually me doing the work. I had Mr. Takagi, a professional in the field, to do it for me.

If we're talking about what I do, I check that the material we are going to work on is all there and hand over the program of who is coming to the studio at what times, and the completed data and film, to the appropriate people. After that all, that is left is to order delivery soba noodles for lunch.[2] (To make sure there are no misunderstandings, this is the pinch hitter Kishimoto writing this, not the director. Director Goro definitely does not go ordering delivery soba in the middle of the day.)

I use the time that the others are working to receive various lectures from Mr. Kojo[3] who I had come with me from Ghibli. He belongs to the post-production section and knows a lot about images and sound, but the flaw in his jewel is his poison tongue. He sits there with sparkling eyes like a little boy, tormenting me. Whether he's just simple, or twisted...

After everything was finished, I returned to the studio at around seven o'clock and got to work. Director Goro wandered in at around half past nine. He had something of a grim look on his face. He didn't even look at the Pringles on my desk. He has a fairly heavy expression at the best of times, now with his furrowed brow he looked like a demonic mask[4] as he stood there smoking. At these times, even if I'm concerned, I make sure I'm not the one who asks what the matter is. This is because most of the time if I simply draw him out, it just gives him an opportunity to start complaining. Director Goro left without saying very much. The director just shut up and smoked Mild Seven[5].

Translator's Notes

[1]: This entry was not dated

[2]: Delivery of all kinds of noodles is fairly common in Japan (at least in large cities). This is usually by motorcycle or motorscooter with the noodles in a well suspended box on the back. Soba (buckwheat noodles) can be eaten hot in broth or cold with dipping sauce.

[3]: Tamaki Kojo has a Sound and Music Production credit for Spirited Away and Post-production credits for The Cat Returns and Howl's Moving Castle.

[4]: 'Hannya-zura' (般 若 面), female demon mask from Noh theatre.

[5]: This seems to be a catchphrase from a cigarette ad: "Otoko wa damatte Mairudo Sebun" (A [real] man [just] shuts up and [chooses/smokes] Mild Seven). I suspect the image is of strong silent men who don't complain about their problems and just silently smoke a cigarette.

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