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Goro Miyazaki's Blog Translation (Page 65)

4th April 2006

This is a supplementary entry while the director is busy.

Number 65 - A Beauty's Sudden Change

In this way the task of writing the director's weblog as a substitute unintentionally gets pushed back behind other work, until I always end up doing it after the beginning of the next day. That's why I'm a little worn out. My capacity for intelligent thought has also diminished. With that excuse, I'm going to go on with the Pringles topic again today.

Director Goro, almost as if it is his daily task, every day before starting work comes up to the third floor. This morning, as soon as he saw my face he said this:

"I only ate half! Ms. S ate half!"

So after downing my valuable Pringles, which I save up to nibble little by little when my head becomes tired, in next to no time at all to fill his own empty stomach, the culprit has the hide to put the blame on someone else. Is there anything he won't say?

But that aside, what I couldn't ignore was the part about "Ms. S ate half". Ms. S, who is currently working as an assistant to Producer Suzuki, is a beautiful woman, who before she joined Ghibli was renowned as the second most beautiful woman[1] in Toei[2]. Ms. S is an extremely capable assistant and manages Producer Suzuki's schedule, which has more than 100 items per month, in one hand while responding almost perfectly to the demands of the extremely impatient Producer Suzuki himself. When called, she flies 10 metres in 3 steps. But, and I suppose this is the influence of Producer Suzuki, recently her voice seems to have gotten louder, and her telephone voice has become so loud that people talking on the phone in the same room unconsciously crawl under the table so that they can hear the other person's voice.

But she has never until now eaten my Pringles without asking. I'm worried that the bad influences of first Producer Suzuki and now Director Goro seem to be actively coming out.

Translator's Notes

[1]: The expression used here is "West Yokozuna". Yokozuna (or Grand Champion) is the highest rank in Sumo, but the Yokozuna in the 'East' position on the rankings rates slightly ahead of the Yokozuna in the 'West' position.

[2]: Film studio and sometime Ghibli distributor.

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