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Goro Miyazaki's Blog Translation (Page 64)

3rd April 2006

This is a supplementary entry while the director is busy.

Number 64 - A Grudge About Pringles

In the last entry, I wrote that the person who ate the Pringles that were sitting on my desk was Director Goro. That was on Friday. Then, when I came to work the next day, there was a container of Pringles with the seal unbroken sitting on my desk. Along came Director Goro with a humble expression on his face,

"I felt bad about just eating them, so..."

He had bought them for me himself. If I thought about it, he had eaten most of them himself, so you could argue he was only doing what he should. However, simple me was subconsciously beaming.

"Nayo, you're going to write your next blog entry about this, aren't you?" "Yup, I reckon I will. You think I'd let this one go!?"

It was a cunning personal appeal, trying to draw profit from his own misdeeds, but I always fall victim easily to Director Goro's techniques of emotional manipulation. "This means I definitely have to praise the director's honesty in the blog".

So today, Monday, I went out after lunchtime, and when I returned to the studio at about 11 p.m., a viciously crushed Pringles container had been thrown in the garbage bin. Of course the guilty party was Director Goro, I'm sure. I was sloppy and hadn't got around to updating the weblog, and it seems like he couldn't wait until his personal appeal bore fruit.

So in the end, will the director buy me more Pringles tomorrow? Even if he does, I intend to say coldly:

"Please eat at your own desk".

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