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Goro Miyazaki's Blog Translation (Page 33)

8th February 2006

Number 33 - The animation director Mr. Yamashita's favourite phrase

Yesterday, like always, I was checking key animation together with the animation director, Mr. Yamashita.[1]
There were about 20 cuts in total and not a single one required major revisions.

This is, I think, because as production has progressed, the key animators have absorbed fairly thoroughly the overall direction of the film.

Depending on the director and the animation director, the direction of the character performances can change a lot.

The signal detail of Mr. Yamashita's productions is to put a good feeling into the movements without overacting.
An everyday scene such as people eating or talking might only occupy a short space of footage, but if you introduce a lot of movement, it makes the scene rough.
On the other hand, for action scenes, if you make the scene too realistic, it gets too precise.

The reality of the everyday scenes and the boldness of the action, Mr. Yamashita is very good at keeping this balance.

His stock phrase is "Let's make it fun".
Meaning, whether it's going to be restrained or bold, let's make the movements feel good.

In terms of our tastes and our thoughts about directing, we really fit well together,
and more than anything else I learn a lot from him,
so he's a really dependable presence for me.

Translator's Notes

[1]: The animation director on Howl's Moving Castle. [If I didn't already note this.]

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