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Goro Miyazaki's Blog Translation (Page 114)

5th July 2006

Number 114 - Regrets for Kumamoto Castle

[Picture of Advertising saying "Welcome to Kumamoto" (Apparently at Kumamoto Airport)]

This is a different subject, but trains[1] in Kyushu have a really good design.

When we arrived at Kumamoto station (where, we were told, it had been raining heavily only 30 minutes previously) we went straight to the hotel where the interviews were being held. On the way, I could see part of Kumamoto castle, built 400 years ago. The castle keep was covered in scaffolding for restoration work, so I couldn't see it at all. Too bad.

Then, although I felt like I had only just eaten breakfast, it was already lunch... .

After that we went straight into interviews.
Kumamoto is the home town of Mr. Terashima who was in charge of the music. As a result, I was interviewed by people who also knew Mr. Terashima well. Being able to hear old stories about him was an unexpected pleasure.

In a lot of the interviews, I was asked, "Is this your first time in Kumamoto?" and I did want, at least, to see Kumamoto Castle, but as soon as the interviews were over I had to go straight to the airport. Someday I'd like to return with time to go slowly.

Today I return to Tokyo and tomorrow is the Official Premiere.[2]

Translator's Notes

[1]: An express train, I think.

[2]: The term (完 成 披 露 試 写) literally means something like "Announcement of Completion Preview" (apparently they had a press conference making the official announcement that the film was complete and then a screening afterwards). It's a bit of a mouthful so I'm calling it the "Official Premiere".

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