The Music Page: Coming Soon With Your Help!

Musicians Please Read!

Ok, after a while of having nothing here in the music area
(funny, isn't it? Here I have some great pages up on my hobbies,
but the music page -- what I do for a living -- has been blank),
I finally know what I want to do with this area: create a page
showcasing some of the humorous (and not so humorous) sides of
what life is like for a musician at times.

I want to be able to show those non-musician visitors to my
page what we musicians have to sometimes put up with in our
jobs! Everything from the wedding gig taking place in the
funeral parlour, to having to play in a toga in the snow,
to the conductor that doesn't know one note of music, to
the 'gig from hell' -- if it's true, and happened on a music
job, email me the story (even if the occurance happened
around you, rather than to the musicians). It doesn't matter
what type of music job you have (orchestra, studio, casuals,
club, touring, etc.), we all have our funny little work-related
stories. Well, this will be a place to collect them!

Just a few notes:
*They should be true
*I may have to edit them, but will try to keep them as-is
*They may be submitted with any combination of your name,
 city, group, and instrument -- or completely anonymous (please indicate)
*Hopefully non-musicians will be able to understand the humor/pathos
 as well as musicians (that's the whole point of this!)
*Email them to me by clicking on the "Email" area on the main page.
*I will wait to receive at least a few before placing any up.
*Pass this around to your fellow on-line musicians! Let's get a
 good collection going here!
*Any questions, please feel free to email me.

Until then, please be sure and check out the other 7 pages!

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