Is this me on the violin? Most likely.        But this could be me with an old
                                                  Fujitsu FM-7 computer..

Who IS this guy?

Not an easy question to answer in one paragraph, but the short version is:

I'm a violinist (Juilliard, class of 1988) living in Southern California.
For work, I freelance around town playing in orchestras, operas, studios
(recordings and film soundtracks), and anywhere else the services of
a violinist might be needed.

Outside of music, my hobbies include travel, animation, rollerblading,
hiking, photography, computers, telephones, and way too many other
things for my own good. Somehow I'm still single.

Who are YOU?

Now that I've told you a little about myself, feel free to drop me
an email from the main page (after all, you wound up here!)
Comments or suggestions on the page are also welcome.

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