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What do you get when you mix tango, dixieland, and jazz with classical? Some really cool music! My trio, Classical Edge, records and performs such works. Have a look at our webpage, where you can listen to samples! Watch and listen to Shii the Cat sing her song (in English) in this very good example of Flash animation from Japan (the crate at the end reads: "Looking For A New Tenant, Mona Real Estate Co.") NOTE: You can now select either "English" or "Japanese" Fellow Juilliard-alumni, Meadowmount-attending, OC-living, white Honda-Civic-drivin' violinist (what are we, twins?) Ann Shiau has a webpage. Check it out, or she'll beat me up. David Aldwinkle's Homepage is a must-see if you're interested in things Japan. David has married and settled in Japan, and has become a naturalized Japanese citizen fighting for equal rights in the country. A great guy, he's also a very good writer, and his articles (archived on the page), are informative, interesting, and make great reading. One of the best pages you'll ever find on life in Japan today. Fellow Juilliard classmate, pianist, and philosopher Josef Verba has a web page with his CD, teaching studio, and various projects listed. Another Juilliard classmate, pianist and teacher John Sciullo has a web page where you can browse and purchase his many CDs. Setsuko Hakuno, a freelance storyboard artist, manga creator, and staunch Osaka-ite has a new web site in both Japanese and English. Give it a look! She also has opened an online shop selling her wares. It's in Japanese for now, but have a look at how nice her things are, as she soon she may start selling them to overseas customers! Chris & Sandy have settled in Colorado, with their new page, complete with pictures of Fido.
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