Additional Pictures of the APF Imagination Machine and Accessories
Plus Software Screen Shots

Here are some new pictuers of my APF Imagination Machines and accessories.
These are larger-size pictures; please wait for them to load.

PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT have the manual for the APF BASIC cart, nor the manual for the
Imagination Machine itself. What you see here is pretty much what I have, and it's all
been boxed up and put back in storage again.

Two APF Imagination Machines and Accessories
The Complete APF Imagination Machine
The Keyboard (note the BASIC command token list above the keys, accessed by pressing CNTL-[key])
The Cassette and Joysticks
The Imagination Machine portion only (without the MP1000)
The back/top view of the unit
On/Off Switch and AC Adaptor Port
Cassette Software (APF's "Space Destroyers" and G.R. Jones' "Concentration")
AC Adaptor for the Imagination Machine (keyboard) unit
Replacement Adaptor (worked fine) for the MP1000 unit from Radio Shack
The connector that connects the MP1000 to the APF Keyboard unit
Games, the Mini Floppy Interface Adaptor, and the 8K Memory Expansion
Mini Floppy Interface FI-1000 (front), Made in Hong Kong
Mini Floppy Interface FI-1000 (back)
8K Memory Expansion, Box, and Manual
APF BASIC Cartridge (top)
APF BASIC Cartridge (back)
Side View of the APF
Space Destroyers and other Software Screen Shots

The following pictures weren't taken by me, but were found on a videogame
forum (that is worth checking out for the information and screen shots of
various APF games: start here, then do searches -- though everything is
scattered, and very hard to find what's there). It seems Space Destroyers
was offered for sale not only on cassette, but as a cartridge as well.
Rocket Patrol was a game that was included (built into, actually) the MP-1000.

The Space Destroyers Cartridge (larger than a normal APF cartridge) and Screen Shots
Rocket Patrol (Game Built-In the MP-1000)
Micro Matchup / Bowling
Brickdown / Shooting Gallery
The APF Imagination Machine Documentation Manuals (I wish I had these!)
NEW! May 2010 Additional APF Pictures Added May, 2010 The following pictures are not mine; they were taken from an ebay listing when someone was selling his Imagination Machine items. Still, I think they're good pictures, and worthy of posting here. "Space Destroyers" Click here to return to the main APF Imagination Machine Page.