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  • ...t; vertical-align:top; border-left:1px solid #CCC; padding-left:1em;" | '''How to participate:'''<br/>• [[Miyazaki Mailing List|Join the Miyazaki Mailin ...we don't have the information yet or it may be in an unexpected location. You can also use the search box to the left or above.
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  • ==Q: How can I see it?== You can read about the interaction between the parties
    20 KB (3,390 words) - 01:07, 7 May 2013
  • ...are usually divided into four or five parts). I thought about how I should do this plan. After having calmed down a little, I thought that I did not have ...There are some elements of fantasy, but it's not fantasy. So, I don't know how to draw it. I try to bite my tail and am turning round and round like a dog
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  • or farmers appears in this film. If they do appear, they will play really What we should depict is, how the boy understands the girl, and the process
    6 KB (997 words) - 06:15, 1 January 2014
  • ...he motivations of characters within the manga and anime are discussed, and how those motivations tie into the time period when they were written and the e ...s an analysis of the role of women in Japanese society. Through looking at how women are portrayed in a broad sweep of Japanese animation over the last te
    15 KB (2,399 words) - 21:45, 6 May 2013
  • ...) Then I said, "Ujiie-san, now that things have come to this I have to put you to work as executive producer. A producer cannot merely wait." Ujiie-san re an old tale. What will a modern girl who time traveled to the Heian era do there? I thought that it is a big theme to see it." Then, Ujiie-san died on
    28 KB (4,610 words) - 15:56, 16 February 2013
  • The title is "Kimi-tachi wa Dou Ikiru ka?" (How Do You Live?) ...shares the [ same title] as a best-seller written by Genzaburou Yoshino in 1937.
    64 KB (8,260 words) - 22:37, 5 April 2018
  • ...But it also represents the history behind that place. So what I tried to do with the design of the space was to look at the architecture of the buildin ...un was setting, how that hit the town and how beautiful it was. I remember how dark certain parts of the town were, or the fact that they didn’t have fl
    7 KB (1,151 words) - 17:34, 28 April 2013
  • Although the story is simple enough to have been filmed in live action (and will disappoint viewers searching for a typical fix of Ghibli f ...rts, and often operate by a wondrously mysterious internal logic, but they do so without feeling compelled to grab a young audience by the lapels. Even t
    30 KB (4,984 words) - 19:20, 26 May 2013
  • Since its primary delights are in visuals you can get lost in, that's a small complaint indeed. of my personal favorites. (If you haven’t seen any of his movies, you should check them out immediately because they are seriously phenomenal!)
    26 KB (4,289 words) - 19:15, 8 May 2013
  • ...centers on two likable and perfectly straightforward college students who do nothing very extraordinary and are in a platonic romance.’s screenplay is a classic coming-of-age story that seems suited for a live-action remake.
    30 KB (5,008 words) - 19:12, 26 May 2013
  • ...ckdrop and help focus Umi and Shun's stories, which end up having a lot to do with preparing for the future while respecting the past. There's something ...t is worth fighting anyway because how can you have a meaningful future if you lose your connections to the past?
    16 KB (2,747 words) - 19:06, 26 May 2013
  • One could also see the film as a pacifist statement - showing how a thing of beauty was turned into a killing machine. But Miyazaki has said ...wledge of a French poem, and the line: "The wind is rising, we must try to live."
    160 KB (26,868 words) - 12:38, 28 April 2014
  • ...achieve a particular end within the whole. So it was intriguing to wonder how such a filmmaker would not only tackle a story as enigmatic and illogical a ...s characters as believable as possible, and yet at every moment reminds of you that it is not real.
    52 KB (8,840 words) - 18:47, 23 March 2015
  • ...r adolescent friends within a few months — giving a literal treatment to how fast kids grow up in the eyes of their moms and dads. Embedded in that fant ...been labeled “the neo-realist of Anime” — a very peculiar phrase, if you think about it — with films like Grave of the Fireflies and Only Yesterda
    42 KB (7,189 words) - 15:36, 7 January 2015
  •, the pilot's brow furrows charmingly, a rakish grin emerges, and then you realize that his curse is more of an inward burden than an outward one. Por If you're scratching your head over this film's razor-sharp depiction of amphibiou
    35 KB (5,984 words) - 00:24, 2 October 2015
  • Watching the film with fresh eyes today, it's amazing just how influential the work is. The animation is fluid and consistent in a way tha ...a masterpiece - a real achievement, considering that Toei had intended to do yet another of its quickie kiddie features, and interfered with production
    39 KB (6,579 words) - 01:53, 20 February 2015
  • ...the summer with her aunt (Susumu Terajima) and uncle (Toshie Negishi), who live in a house overlooking a picturesque bay in rural Hokkaido, Japan’s north ...a's first words to her future friend are actually: "Are you a real person, you look like a girl from my dreams?"). Yonebayashi underlines this ambiguity b
    68 KB (11,274 words) - 18:17, 18 May 2015
  • ...“Wait. I mentioned this earlier, right? No? Well, okay, I’m telling you now.” ...ife’s simpler pleasures and eventually breaks the heart when you realize how much time is wasted on worrying about personal presentation.
    43 KB (7,353 words) - 15:37, 7 January 2015
  • ...e Ghibli composer Joe Hisaishi), the emotion, and the rich characters pull you in in the way that only a Studio Ghibli movie can. ...e princess misses her simpler life, and as she grows older, the freedom to do as she wishes clashes with her responsibilities as a princess and her gende
    38 KB (6,462 words) - 15:22, 7 January 2015

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