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  • ...:ImaginaryFlyingMachinesicon.jpg|link=Imaginary Flying Machines||Imaginary Flying Machines]] | width="32%" align="center" | [[Imaginary Flying Machines]] [Short]
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  • ...crashed the night before was carrying a proto-God Soldier. The Torumekians plan to revive it and use it against the Fukai. ...r themselves and use it to destroy the Fukai, which is now absorbing their city. Nausicaä attempts to escape to warn her people, but is restrained. Asbel
    15 KB (2,691 words) - 22:10, 5 March 2007
  • *''Flying City Plan'' short version | 空飛ぶ部市計画<br/>Soratobu Bushi Keikaku<br/>[[Flying City Plan]]
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  • bombers used in WWI before his company followed up by creating multiple flying machines for the Italian Royal Air Force in WWII.) ...-ended with dreams. It starts with a ten-year-old Jiro Horikoshi imagining flying above his provincial home before being wakened by bombs from a hulking aeri
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  • ...'m very fortunate to work with very talented people, and I certainly don't plan on retiring and don't want to say that I am retired." The most rapturous sequence involves flying – as “The Wind Rises” showed last year, something about flight brings
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  • ...s that she must be brought up accordingly. So he acquires a mansion in the city, and sets about preparing the girl for the life of a noble. The name Kaguya ...t their girl to be raised as a noblewoman, so they start a new life in the city, in a lavish mansion, surrounded by handmaidens who glide around like teard
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