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[Yamadas mainpage] Houhokekyo Tonari no Yamada-kun
(My Neighbors the Yamadas)

Synopsis - Page 6


Guilty Consicence Or Merely Cake Takashi has bought cakes for the family. Matsuko suspects he is trying to amend for something he has done. In addition to the cakes, he has also bought custard. His guilt is further proved.

Matsuko over sleeps, not realizing Takashi is still in bed. He was to leave early for a business trip. Takashi finally gets up, and gets ready and runs to the train station.

He is, however, unable to make it in time. He feels terrible after that entire running and calls the office, sick.

Back at the house, he has a slight fever and decides to stay home and make a long weekend of it. But, once he realizes he is free to be able to do this, he feels better. So, he decides he will go to the office, after all.

We see Mr. Yamada go out of the house, his wife wishes him well. He walks to the train station and stands between crowds of faceless people waiting for the train. On the train he stands between those same people. When he reaches his destination he gets off between the crowd, and walks in the street. He sees a flowering planter next to bags of trash. He sees birds sitting on the electrical wires. The birds fly away and we see them against the silhouette of the city.

Takashi, Matsuko, and Shige are guests at a wedding where Takashi is to make a speech. He had his speech all written down on cards, but as he steps to the microphone Matsuko Has given him a grocery list instead. Takashi summons up courage and is able to improvise a speech much to Shige and Matsuko's admiration.


Matsuko and Takashi sing Que será, será at the karaoke machine.

Que será, será,
What ever will be, will be;
The future's not ours to see.
'Que será, será,

What will be, will be.

The Yamadas are fighting again. Shige comments on Takashi's bald spot. He comments on her lack of teeth. Matsuko tries to stop them, but Shige tells her she is overweight.

Nonoko cries because in all this fighting she cannot hear her TV show.

Noboru comments, "The reason why the Yamada family gets along fine is because all three adults are nuts, if one of you were normal it would unbalance the rest."

This leads to another chase with Noboru riding a tricycle.

Miss Fujiwara, who is the charge of Nonoko's class, tells us what her motto is: "Don't overdo it".

We zoom out of Miss Fujiwara's class, and we see the whole colorful community joined in song. The Yamada family is seen floating in the air with colored umbrellas a la Mary Poppins. We follow the Yamadas in the air, day turns to night and fireworks go off. The Yamadas let go of their umbrellas and now we see them join together. . .

Yamada Family Photo . . .The whole of the Yamada family, including the dog take the prikura, a commemorative family photograph, in a photo booth. The Father's dignity is finally demonstrated; HE will decide what they are having for dinner.

And the Yamada family walks into the sunset.

The ocean in spring
The gentle rolling of the waves
All day long.

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