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Video List: Majo no Takkyuubin

Packaging of the R2 DVD

Packaging included with the R2 DVD
  • Top: DVD case
  • Far left: DVD insert (table of contents)
  • Far right: Promotional insert for Kiki Ehon (picture book), as well as all the other ehon. Backside of insert shows the new e-konte books being released starting at the end of June.
  • Bottom: Promotional insert for "Sherlock Hound" (covered) and "Totoro" DVDs. Backside is an ad for "Sen" as well as a 200¥-off coupon (100¥-off a child's ticket) if you purchase the full price tickets to see the movie.
  • Left DVD: Movie
  • Right DVD: e-konte (storyboards), Kiki promo trailers, Ghibli ga Ippai promo trailer, "Ursula's Painting" music video, "Sen" trailer.

Thanks to Sira Vista for the picture!

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