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CD Guide -- Glossary

Here is a list of terms commonly appear in our CD Guide, and their explanations.

Drama Album
Drama albums contain the audio track of the entire film, with all the dialogue, music and sound effects. Listening to a drama album is like watching the film with your eyes shut or listening to a radio "drama" version of the film.

Hi-tech Series
The hi-tech albums contain works that are performed with "hi-tech" synthesizers.

Image Song/Poem/Album
Image songs/music/poem of a film are created based on the themes inspired by "images" from the film's storyboard. They were composed before the film was complete. Some of the pieces are eventually used in the film.
An image album contains a collection of image songs/music.

Soundtrack Album
The soundtrack album contains the actual music used in the film. If you liked the music in the film, this is the album to buy. "Original Soundtrack" is sometimes shortened to "OST."

Symphonic Album
The symphonic albums contain works from the film performed by a full symphony orchestra. They are sometimes arranged differently than the works used in the film.

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