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Characters: Gods and Spirits

These are the customers of Aburaya, the bathhouse.


Gods who came to ABURAYA in a group by boat. They wear strange masks and Sokutai (Japanese traditional clothes for nobles), but their bodies are like shadows.
(*Kasuga is the name of a famous Shinto Shrine in Japan. There is a traditional ritual dance called "Ama" at Kasuga Shrine, in which dancers wear paper masks called "Zoumen." The mask looks like the one Kasuga-Sama is wearing. )
Okusare-Sama (Kussare = Rotten)

The first customer of Chihiro at ABURAYA. Its body is covered with sludge, and stinks very much.
Oshira-Sama (Shira = White)

A god of Daikon radish.
Kawa no Kami (River God) Voice: HAYASHI Koba

One of Chihiro’s customers. As a token of her service, it gives Chihiro a Nigadango (bitter dumpling), which seems to be a medicine. When the god feels good, it flies in the air.
Ootori-Sama (Tori = Bird)

Gods of Birds. Love to bathe.
Ushioni (Cow Goblins)
Gods who have antlers. Customers of ABURAYA. The Kanji on their Yukata (Japanese bathrobe) is "Abura (Oil)" of ABURAYA.
Gods who look like Namahage.


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