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On Your Mark


Warning! - This is a story synopsis of On Your Mark and contains plot elements that *will* spoil first-time viewers.

The story of On Your Mark is quite simple. It appears that there has been some type of Chernobyl-like nuclear reactor disaster in the countryside and the population has moved into a domed city. The video opens with a flight of police transports launching an assault against a religious cult. Punching through the walls, the police and cultists engage in a take-no-prisoners battle with guns and explosives. Two officers routing out hidden cultists come across a strange winged being held prisoner.

The video cuts to a scene of the officers and the "angel" in an old Alfa Romeo spyder driving out in the countryside as they lift her into the slipstream. She spreads her wings and flies.

The video cuts back to when they first found her. They free her from her chains and carry her outside where they tend to her, only to be pushed aside by a special unit outfitted in hazardous-material gear. They quickly load her onto a stretcher and into a flyer. The two officers stand and watch as the flyer lifts off into the night.

Later that night at the bar, they realize that they have freed her from one captor only to deliver her into the hands of another. They return to their offices and hatch a plan to free her.

The two stage a raid on the high-security laboratory where she is being held. They succeed in rescuing her, but set off the alarms. They make their escape in a construction vehicle, and a full-scale chase ensues. Trying to break past one of the flyers, they crash into it and the bridge fails. Falling, the two try and get the "angel" to fly to safety, but she tries to save them, as well, as the trio plunge down out of site.

A quick cut back to when they first found her and then a scene of her flying free outside.

We return back to the escape on the bridge, but this time when the bridge gives way the construction vehicle sprouts rocket packs which carry them into an apartment complex and the successfully make their escape.

Next, the three are back in the Alfa, driving down a tunnel past signs warning of radiation dangers. They emerge from the tunnel into the countryside, the domed city and the nuclear cooling towers falling behind them. They continue down the road, past abandoned houses and radiation warnings. However, nature is reestablishing her domain and grass and trees are growing again.

As they travel down the road, they lift the “angel” into the air and she spreads her wings to catch the airstream. With a final kiss to her palm, they let go and she soars up into the sky. As the two pull off the road and watch, the "angel" climbs higher and higher as she glides off into the setting sun.

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