September 2003

September 23, 2003 "Nausicaa" DVD with Mono Sound Only
Translated from this page by chieko and posted to the MML:

Buena Vista announced that _Nausicaa_ DVD will be released with monoral sound because 'we developped the dummy stereo but it proved that it would not better than the original after several examinations.'

Buena Vista had hoped to include a remixed stereo soundtrack on the DVD along with the original mono track.

September 16, 2003 Studio Ghibli A Cappella Songs
A new CD of Studio Ghibli songs.

Catalog Number: MHCL-316
Price: ¥2400
Release Date: October 22, 2003

(info from CD Japan) This official Studio Ghibli album contains a capella versions of theme songs to Hayao Miyazaki anime.

September 15, 2003 Studio Ghibli to Release John Lasetter Documentary
Posted to the MML by chieko:


It is called _Lasetter-san, Arigato_ (Thank you, Mr. Lasetter), subtitled _Sen to Chihiro Academy Sho Jusho ni Kakusareta Miyazaki Hayao to John Lasetter no Niju-nen ni Wataru Yujo_ (The friendship over 20 years between Hayao Miyazaki and John Lasetter behind the Spirited Away's Oscar Acquition).

155 minutes long and will be released with the long talk between them on November 19 in Japan.

September 14, 2003 "Spirited Away" in Sweden Details
Per Andersson sent in the following:

- There will be 14 prints for the Swedish theatrical release, all with the original voices in Japanese and subtitles in Swedish.

- The premiere is as scheduled for Sep 19, for the following cinemas(all typically Swedish diacritical dots and rings have been removed from this text, for a safe transferral to US English):

Stockholm area - six cinemas with Filmstaden Sergel and Filmstaden Kista being part of the large SF chain, Biopalatset and Royal with the Sandrews chain, AMC at the location Kungens kurva plus Sture (independent cinema).

- Bio Capitol, "arts theatre" in Goteborg earlier connected with the film, will not host the premiere of "Spirited Away". Mainly because Triangelfilm was successful in selling in the film to the large cinema owner Sandrews.

- In my own hometown Goteborg, Biopalatset will have four screenings of the film during the opening weekend, starting at 13.30, with the last at 21.15. "Spirited Away" will begin its run at the second largest (with 149 seats) of the screens at this multi-theatre, hosting 10 screens in total.

September 11, 2003 Financial Times Gives "Spirited Away" Six Stars Out of a Possible Five
Freddy Litten pointed out this review by Nigel Andrews in the September 11 issue of the Financial Times.

September 4, 2003 Naohisa INOUE Exhibit in New York City (Extended to September 27)
Yasuhide MOHRI sent the following to the MML:

Naohisa INOUE, an artist who drew a part of background of "Whisper of the Heart", his one-man show is held in New York. It had been held 2 times in Paris before out of Japan, then this is the first time in United States.

It is open from Sept.2 to 13 2003, at Caelum Gallery of New York. Mr. Inoue will stay from Sept.6 to 9 there, and the opening party reception will be held Saturday Sept.6, 3:30-6:00 pm.

He draws the picture of the theme called "Iblard". His style of painting became a part of the background of "Whisper of the Heart". Besides, he had drawn 2 wall paintings in the Ghibli Museum. One of them, it is a copy of picture "Upward Draft" bought by Hayao Miyazaki. In the wall painting, "Baron", appeared to "Whisper of the Heart" and "The Cat Returns", is added. He is supposed to draw the background of the short movie which will be shown in the Ghibli Museum in the future.

Title : The Vision of Iblard
Place : Caelum Gallery in New York
Date : 2-13 September 2003
Address : 508-526 W.26th St. Suite 315 New York, NY 10001
Tel : 212-924-4161 Fax : 212-924-4353
Homepage :
E-mai :
Mr.INOUE will stay from 6.Sept.
(It will be holding the opening party on 6.Sept.)

Biographical Outline of Mr.Naohisa INOUE
Report of the Ghibli Museum wall painting, Upward Draft II

Clyde Adams contacted the gallery and discovered the exhibit is extended through September 27 (Saturday).