August 2003

August 21, 2003 UK "Spirited Away" Theaters and News from Edinburgh
Anime Digital has posted a list of theaters that will be screening "Spirited Away". Unlike the USA/Canada release, we will not be tracking the theaters.

Thanks to Joe Curzon and Frank for the news.

In other "Spirited Away" news Brian Robson wrote in with:

I have just returned from the annual "Surprise Movie" screening at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. I was overjoyed to find that this year's movie was "Spirited Away". Before the screening (when we didn't know what movie would be shown) the EIFF Artistic Director, Shane Danielsen, told the audience he wanted to educate them about film and open them up to it's possibilities. I think a few of the audience were disappointed that the movie wasn't "Kill BIll" but the vast majority sat rivited for the entire showing. Well done to the EIFF.

August 19, 2003 "El Viaje de Chihiro" Mexican Premiere
The premiere takes place at the Cinepolis Perisur (Mexico City) on Tuesday, August 26th. A ticket giveaway is being held by this website (in Spanish).

The nationwide release date remains unknown, but September looks like the most likely month.

Thanks to Jesús Muñoz for posting the news to the MML.

August 10, 2003 "Whisper of the Heart" English Dubbing is reporting:

Brittany Snow, star of "American Dreams," said she has several film offers for next summer and that she just voiced a character in "Whisper of the Heart," a sequel to the animated Japanese film "Spirited Away."

The sequel section is incorrect, but the news of an ongoing dub is probably true.

Thanks to Kevin Martis for the news.

August 3, 2003 Nick Park on "Spirited Away" and Miyazaki
Nick Park of Aardman Animations ("Chicken Run", "Wallace and Gromit") writes about "Spirited Away" in an article titled "Shinto daydreams" in the Guardian newspaper:

I find Miyazaki refreshing precisely because so much commercial animation is lacking in imagination. Mainstream animated movies are dumbed-down and sanitised: they make the world in their own image rather than exploring the limitless possibilities that are out there. A lot of films now have such a strong commercial agenda riding on top of them that you can almost hear the meetings that have taken place. And you know that the meaning comes before the idea. What is this character about? What have they learned? What is their motivation? The joy of animation comes last.

At the bottom of the article a September 12 release date is mentioned.

Thanks to Kellie for the news.