[Misc. Ghibli] Yamada-Kun related CDs and Books

Ryoko Toyama (airami@starleaf.net)
Sun, 25 Jul 1999 15:59:30 +0900

The three albums from Tokuma will come with special paper case cover and
Super Picture Label (for the first print only).

All price include 5% sales tax.

*Books about Yamada-Kun, Takahata-San, and Ghibli, all from Tokuma:

7.14 "Mononoke Hime kara HohokekyoTonari no Yamada-Kun he"
(From Princess Mononoke to My Neighbors the Yamadas)
by Kengo Nakamura
1,200 yen (tax out)
About production, promotion, distribution of Ghibli films.

7.24 "Eiga wo Tsukiri nagara Kangaeta Koto II, 1991-1999"
(The Things I Thought While Making Films 2)
by Isao Takahata
2,000 yen (tax out)
This is the second book that compiles interviews and articles by

August to September:
Film Comic
Roman Album
Tokuma Anime Ehon (Picture book)

August "Studio Ghibli no Producer" (Tentative title)
(The Producer of Studio Ghibli)
by Itsuki Ando
(It's probably about Mr. Suzuki, the producer of Ghibli)