[Misc. Ghibli] Gazo vol. 4 (Yamada-Kun)

Tue, 6 Jul 1999 08:17:44 EDT

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Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 08:17:44 EDT
Subject: [Misc. Ghibli] Gazo vol. 4 (Yamada-Kun)
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The vol. 4 of "Gazo", an anime and cinema magazine from Tokuma, has been just 
published in Japan.

It runs more than 40 page length of article about Yamada-Kun, including 
interviews of Takahata-San, Akiko Yano (who did the music), voice casts, as 
well as production note and such. It's almost like a Roman Album. 980yen.

Gazo also runs an interview of Mamoru Oshii, mostly about AIBO (the robot dog 
from Sony). And it's official. The production of "G.R.M.", the movie Oshii 
was going to direct has been put on hold. He is now filming another movie, 
"Avalon", in Poland. It's a live action movie with CG. Bandai is spending 
about 800 million yen on it (G.R.M. was supposed to cost 2.4 billion yen.)