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Ryoko Toyama (airami@starleaf.net)
Tue, 6 Jul 1999 14:10:18 +0900

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Subject: [Misc. Ghibli] Ghibli museum
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 14:10:18 +0900

The official web page of the "Ghibli Museum", which is planned to be built
in Inokashira Park, Mitaka City, has been updated. The page now included
detailed plans and beautiful illustrations by Miyazaki. The page is of
course in Japanese, but please keep clicking. You can see these beautiful
illustrations (for the Museum) here and there. Especially in page 9, you can
see how the museum will look like, when it's finished.

It is planned to be opened in October, 2001.


The first page has "What we want to do", written by Miyazaki. It's
really wonderful, so I want to translated it. (The translation is, as usual,
very rough, and done without permission. For personal entertainment purpose

We want to make such a museum!
A museum that is interesting, and make your heart soft.
A museum where you can discover many things.
A museum built on a straightforward idea.
A museum where those who want to enjoy can enjoy, those who want to think
can think, and those who want to feel can feel.
And a museum which makes your heart a little bit richer when you leave it!\

For that, the building should be...
We want to make it as a film.
We don't want to make it a stuck up building, luxurious building, or
sealed-off building.
We want to make it a good space where you can feel relieved when it is not
We want to make it a building with a warm texture, when you touch it.
We want to make it a building where wind and light from outside can come in

We want to treat little children as full persons.
We want to be considerate to the people with handicaps, as much as possible.
We want to make it a working place where those who work there can have pride
and confidence.
We don't want to control visitors too much, with such things as suggested
We want to keep making new challenges, so that the exhibitions won't get
covered with dust or become old. For that, we want to keep investing.

We do not want to make it a place where only Ghibli fans are pleased.
We do not want to make it a "Memory Museum", where pictures of the past
Ghilbi films are exhibited.
We want to make a place where it's fun just by looking at it, the hearts of
creators are communicated, and a new view of animation can be born.
We will make and show the films and pictures which are made specifically for
the museum. We want to make screening rooms and exhibition rooms, and use
them actively. (We want to make and show our own short films!)
For the past Ghibli, we want to exhibit them with deeper contexts than the
previous exhibitions.

We want to position it as an important place where you can enjoy yourself
and relax.
However, considering that cafes at many museums are having hard time today,
we do not want make it offhand.
We want to work seriously to make a unique, good cafe.

We want to make a good shop, for visitors, and for the operation (of the
However, we do not want to make it a cheap shop where sales is everything.
We want to keep looking into the way to make a good shop.
We want to make original goods which are exclusive to the museum!

The relationship with the park...
We want to make a plan that makes the park even better in 10 years, not just
cherishing trees (in the park).
We want to look for, and find the way to make and operate the museum so that
the museum makes the park richer and better, and then it makes the museum
better in turn!

We do not want to make such a museum!
A museum which is prudish.
A museum that looks self-important.
A museum that values exhibits more than people.
A museum that exhibits uninteresting things in a meaning manner.