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Mononoke Hime
(Princess Mononoke)


Reviews & Articles

Reviews of the Miramax English-language version -- DVD:

1). Doug Thomas - Amazon.com
2). Guido Henkel - DVD Review.com
3). El Cosmico - Ain't It Cool News
4). Ty Burr - Entertainment Weekly
5). Todd Doogan - The Digital Bits
6). Chuck Arrington - DVDTalk.com
7). Nick Nunziata - IGN DVD

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1). Amazon.com

The following are representative quotes only; the full text is available online at:

Lesson: Anime has power

by Doug Thomas

Anime is a growing phenomenon on DVD, on which vast series can be condensed into single collections and multiple language tracks can be offered. [...] Miramax/Disney was set to release the film without the original Japanese soundtrack. Fans flooded Internet bulletin boards and other public forums to protest. And Disney blinked. [...]


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2). DVDReview.com

The following are representative quotes only; the full text is available online at:

Princess Mononoke

by Guido Henkel

Buena Vista Home Entertainment actually pulled the title from its release schedules in order to add the original Japanese audio track to the disc, and finally we have the chance to behold the final result. A DVD highlight that you will most likely not forget too quickly. [...] Buena Vista Home Entertainment is presenting "Princess Mononoke" in a beautiful widescreen presentation on this DVD. The disc restores the film's original 1.85:1 widescreen aspect ratio and is enhanced for 16x9 television sets. The result - mesmerizing! The print used for this transfer is free of any blemishes, speckles or other deficiencies, creating an absolutely clean and solid image. [...] As it is released now, "Princess Mononoke" contains English, French and Japanese 5.1 channel Dolby Digital audio tracks. No matter which one you prefer and choose, either one is extremely well produced and clear. [...]


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3). Ain't It Cool News

The following are representative quotes only; the full text is available online at:

December 20, 2000


By El Cosmico

In a campaign led by Nausicaa.net, and aided in large part by AICN readers, Disney/Buena Vista/Miramax or whatever you want to call them, heeded the fanatical rantings of justified anime afficionados, and agreed to delay this disc until the Japanese language track could be included. [...] The film is beautiful. The color saturation on this disc is wonderful, and the audio is exceptional as well, a satisfying 5.1 track for the surround-enabled. [...] The menus could have been done in a bit more of a creative fashion, and could have included a great deal more, in my opinion, but with all DVDs, the most important thing is the film itself. [...]

I hope that Disney/Buena Vista/Miramax includes more extras in their DVD releases of other Miyazaki works, but make no mistake about it, this disc is an absolute must have. For anime fans, for those with children who are tired of sitting through the same Disney crap over and over again, for film lovers of all kinds, and for those who want to send a positive message to studios when they actually do the right thing and listen to fans. [...]


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4). Entertainment Weekly

The following are representative quotes only; the full text is available online at:


By Ty Burr

Hayao Miyazaki's most ambitious work is to anime what "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" is to the martial-arts genre: a baroque, self-conscious masterpiece. [...] the images carry a majestic shock, as if you're peering over a mountain into a new world. Until, that is, some of the characters start speaking in the flat tones of Billy Bob Thornton and Claire Danes. The solution? The just-released wide-screen DVD version offers the original Japanese soundtrack with newly translated (and more literate) English subtitles.


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5). The Digital Bits

The following are representative quotes only; the full text is available online at:

Princess Mononoke

By Todd Doogan

I'm especially proud of this disc. The DVD community made a big difference a few months ago, when this disc was first scheduled for release. Disney was planning to release this DVD without the original Japanese soundtrack... and no Japanese anime should EVER be released without it's original track. That's just a given. When they heard this, DVD and anime fans spoke out, voicing our dissatisfaction with this turn of events. And, thankfully, Disney listened. [...] This anamorphic widescreen video is incredibly beautiful. There's no print or digital garbage to be found anywhere on this disc. It's artifact free, the source is surprisingly flawless and there's not a lick of edge enhancement anywhere. It's utterly amazing. The audio track, in both English and Japanese (as well as French) Dolby Digital 5.1, is equally dynamic. Explosive booms blow right off the screen, wind bellows through your home theater room and the bass rumbles your bones. [...]

The extras, on the other hand, are pretty non-existent and disappointing. That's a shame, because this really could have been a three-disc box set (and I hope to God that Disney comes back to this film in a couple of years). [...] Buy it for your favorite DVD fiend as a surprise gift and watch it together over the holiday. The film is violent, and it's got its sad parts, but man - it'll rock your world when the film's message of hope filters down at the end. This DVD is high on my list of the year's best releases, and I can't recommend it more. Enjoy!


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6). DVDTalk.com

The following are representative quotes only; the full text is available online at:

December 24, 2000


By Chuck Arrington

Disney intended to release this in an English-language only format, as it was released theatrically here last summer. Anime fans all over were up in arms and demanded the inclusion of a 5.1 Japanese language track at the bare minimum. Smarter minds prevailed and the Japanese language track was included and in a blistering 5.1 platform! The audio for the feature is incredible at the very least! [...] The video much like the audio is pretty darn impressive! The colors are rich and vibrant and the images are stark. As anime titles go, the colors are usually off the scale and incredibly rich. The same can be said for Princess Mononoke. Not having seen the film either theatrically or on video, I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the film's visual content. No pixellation was evident, nor did I see any transfer errors worth mentioning. [...]


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The following are representative quotes only; the full text is available online at:

One of the truly great animated films of all time is here.

By Nick Nunziata

After seeing the ultra crisp (though FULLSCREEN and I'm sorry I can't forgive that!) Batman Beyond flick, this looks a little flat in comparison. [...] While the English version is loaded with familiar voices, the older version seems more natural and resonant. Either way you slice it, you get a nice surround track that's a notch above most anime titles and only a notch below some of our current big scifi/fantasy movies. [...]


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