Pre-NAUSICAA BOOK 5 Synopsis -- * SPOILERS! *

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Dear People,
     STOP THE PRESSES!  The following article is really dynamite, as it
contains lots of NAUSICAA trivia that most American fans of the manga
have never heard of. . . . and yet only the end of said article contains
spoilers.  The spoiler section begins with the heading entitled "THOROUGH
EXPLANATION OF THE REST OF THE STORIES," so if you don't want to "spoil"
this part of the story for yourself, stop reading at the end of the
chapter with the heading, "THE VISCOUS FUNGUS."  You've been warned.  8)

                          -- Steven Feldman <>

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Subject:  9.) Pre-NAUSICAA BOOK 5 Synopsis (ANIMAGE, 4/4/90 [AH, 3/92])

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED in the April 4, 1990 issue of ANIMAGE.
TRANSLATED by Masashi Suzuki in early 1992.
TRANSLATION PUBLISHED in Anime Hasshin's "All Miyazaki Packet," 3/92.
TRANSLATION SCANNED IN by Young Su on March 12, 1992.
TRANSLATION REFORMATTED AND EDITED by Steven Feldman on March 12, 1992.

     The following article first appeared in English in March of 1992 as
part of the Anime Hasshin-published "All Miyazaki Packet."  (All the rest
of Anime Hasshin's available "packets" are "synopsis packets.")  Most of
the remainder of the contents of this packet are culled from the Hayao
Miyazaki Discussion Group computer mailing
list.  This article is not to be copied for profit and all parties must
be credited if this article is reprinted . . . or Chikuku will get angry.


from ANIMAGE magazine, April 4, 1990
translated by Masashi Suzuki

     The following 8 pages will show you everything about the manga
NAUSICAA and provides a thorough explanation of its characters and story.
     At last, NAUSICAA is resumed after a 3-year discontinuation.
Because it might be difficult to remember the story, we recommend that
you review this explanation in order to fully enjoy the manga.


     First of all, let us review the main characters, including Nausicaa
herself.  NAUSICAA is about the invasion of the kingdom of Doruku by the
kingdom of Torumekia amid the presence of insects that live in the
Decayed Sea.


     NAUSICAA - She is the daughter of Jiru, the chief of a small kingdom
called the Valley of the Wind.  After Jiru was killed, Nausicaa and her
troops joined the Torumekian force according to a treaty signed long ago.
Nausicaa meanwhile discovered that the Decayed Sea cleaned up the
contaminated world, and by communicating with the Ohmu, the giant
insects, she foresaw the coming of a great disaster.  She fights bravely
and hopes to witness the coming of a new world.
     YUPA MERARUDA - He is considered the best knight in the Decayed Sea
region.  He is skilled in both the long and short swords and tries to
solve the secret of the Decayed Sea by traveling around the world.  He
is Nausicaa's teacher and Jiru's best friend.  Yupa hopes to find out
if humanity is destined to perish or not by the Decayed Sea.
     O-BABA (BIG GRANDMA) - She is the oldest woman in the valley,
possibly over 100 years old.  She is the teller of history since she is
the most knowledgable person in the valley.
     MITO - He is one of the 5 castle keepers.  He has worked for the
castle for a long time and leads the valley's troops.
     JIRU - the chief of the valley.  He died in bed after being
contaminated by the poisoned air.  He worried about his daughter,


     KUSHANA - the 4th princess of the Torumekian kingdom.  She is the
only princess who is a relative of the former king.  She is on quite bad
terms with her brothers.
     KUROTOWA - He is Kushana's staff officer and is not of noble blood.


     OHMU (BIG INSECT) - huge insects that live in the Decayed Sea.
These insects have as many as 14 eyes that turn red when they get angry.
Called the masters of the Decayed Sea, they appear whenever people burn
the Sea.  They have a very firm outer shell.
     GIANT SOLDIER - These are creatures created by the biotechnology of
the industrial civilization that perished in the past.  They are the
formidable weapons that burned the whole world during the Seven Days War.
     WOOD PEOPLE - They are noble people who ceased using fire and live
in the Decayed Sea quietly.  It is said that they are the first people
who were able to handle the insects.
     CHIKUKU - a child who lives in a village in the territory of Doruku.


     RASUTERU - a daughter of the chief of Pejite and younger sister of
Asuberu.  She died when she escaped with the secret stone that could
restore the Giant Soldier.
     ASUBERU - a brother of Rasuteru.  A man with passion and temper.  He
shot at the Torumekian carrier with his gunship but was assaulted by the
enemy.  He was later helped by Nausicaa.


     THE FIRST PRINCE - the successor of the royal family of Doruku.
Since he has no psychic ability, he was forced to give up power to his
brother.  He yearns to dominate the world by restoring the Hidora and the
Giant Soldier.
     THE SECOND PRINCE - The ruler of Doruku.  He has a strong psychic
force but barely stays alive with the use of medicine.
     CHARUKA - The bishop of Doruku's religious institution.  He was an
advisor for the Second Prince, but after having been saved by Nausicaa,
he tried to solve the secret of the mutant created by the mucous germ.
He realized that it was foolish to extend the Decayed Sea artificially.
     HIDORA - Soldiers who used to be in service when the holy emperor
conquered the land where Doruku exists now.  They are immortal unless
their heads are damaged.


     Now let's review the general story contained from Volume 1 to Volume
4 of manga.  The story begins on a barren earth, burned during the Seven
Day War.  Nausicaa, who lives in the Valley of the Wind, sees a shell of
an Ohmu in the forest called the Decayed Sea.
     The industrial civilization that was born on the western edge of
the Euroasian continent, spread throughout the world within several
hundred years.  Devastating the earth and polluting the atmosphere, the
civilization reached its peak but soon started to decline.  The war
called the Fire of the Seven Days devasted the cities and emitted harmful
substances into the atmosphere.  The highly complex technology systems
were lost, and most of the land became barren.  Afterward, the perished
civilization was not restored, and humanity was forced to confront the
era of twilight.


     After the industrial civilization was lost, the earth was covered
with the forest called the Decayed Sea which emitted poison air.  People
lived in the places around the Decayed Sea and established individual
kinqdoms.  One of the them was the Valley of the Wind.
     One day, Nausicaa was asked to keep the secret stone by Rasuteru, a
princess of Pejite City, which was covered and devastated by the Decayed
Sea.  The stone was a part of the Giant Soldier that destroyed the world
1000 years ago.  Although there were many fossils of the Giant Soldiers,
the last one was buried and has survived in the ground.
     The princess Kushana, who attempted to get the Torumekian throne by
using the Giant Soldier, found that the secret stone existed in the
Valley of the Wind.  When she met Nausicaa there, the Torumekia War broke
out involving the nations around the Decayed Sea.


     There are many countries small and big around the Decayed Sea, and
they are divided into two sides, Torumekia and Doruku.  Countries such as
Pejite City and the Valley of the Wind are the allies of Torumekia.  The
two superpowers were under tension and broke out into war when Torumekia
invaded Doruku.
     Nausicaa participated on the Torumekian side but was soon shot down
by a survivor of Pejite - Asuberu.  She was barely able to make a forced
landing in the Decayed Sea.  She then saved Asuberu from an attack of the
Ohmu, and they escaped, only to become the prisoner of the Doruku.
Meanwhile, Doruku surrounded Kushana, who landed in the acid lake with
the Ohmu.  Nausicaa, who barely escaped, rejoined Kushana.


     Kushana returned to the castle of Doruku's Sapata - a strategic
location.  Nausicaa fought at the battlefront on the condition that
prisoners were to be released.  Kushana was triumphant, although she lost
her horse, Kai.  After the promise was kept, Nausicaa left Kushana and
went south where the Ohmu were headed.  After landing in a small lake,
she met a monk who worshipped the native god and was told that the old
world perished and a new world would soon be recreated through
purification.  A swarm of insects passed above them.  After she chased
them, she found that Doruku's battleships emitted a poison gas.


     After approaching the battleships, Nausicaa discovered that they
were emitting poison air created by a viscous fungus used to extend the
Decayed Sea artificially by the Doruku, who were in a disadvantaged
position.  In the battleship, she found that no one could control the
viscous fungus, which was mutant.  The ship's commander, Charuka, decided
to dynamite his battleship as a last resort and was successfully rescued
by Nausicaa.  He gave up his attempt to spread out the fungus which would
totally devastate the land after he realized that it was meaningless.  He
decided to save the soldiers from the fungus.  In the meantime, Torumekia
also encountered the swarm of insects.  As a result, the second force was
destroyed and the third force was forced to retreat.

SPOILER ALERT  [this is your last warning]


     This part is taken from ANIMAGE COMICS, unpublished sections, and
the manga series for ANIMAGE from February 1986 to June 1986.
     The war between the superpowers Torumekia and Doruku was deadlocked,
but gradually it appeared that Torumekia, which possessed more weapons,
could win.  The number of victims increased in both countries.
     However, a terrible thing happened while both were engaged in the
tragic war.  In the emperor's battleship of Doruku, the new and unknown
viscous fungus was created which emitted an unknown poisoned gas.
     Meanwhile, Kushana, who led the surviving soldiers, met Yupa while
retreating.  Nausicaa, together with the monk of Doruku, chased the
fungus.  The fungus, gradually becoming more intelligent, multiplied
and extended its territory in spite of the bombing.  The four newly
created fungus moved toward each other to join together.  Nausicaa found
that their rendezvous point was Sapata's granaries and that the world
would be on the brink of ruin because of the fungus.  Is the ruin of the
world the process of the purification of the earth?


     The viscous fungus moved over the spreading Decayed Sea.  The
resulting damage was about to spread throughout the whole territory of
Sapata.  Nausicaa flew out in order to save the people from the poison
air.  Chikuku also helped her to save people by using supernatural power
and evacuated the people of the village.  The Doruku territory of Sapata
was about to be covered with the fungus.  While flying, Nausicaa
witnessed insects meeting at the rendezvous point of the fungus.  In the
sky, she found a swarm of flying insects; on the ground she saw Ohmus.
Since the insects couldn't eat the fungus, they extended the Decayed
Sea by making their own bodies seedbeds.  She was stunned by the act of


     Sapata, threaten by the spread of the Decayed Sea and the fungus,
had a new threat!  Is there a way to save the world?  What will become of
Nausicaa, who tried to witness the future of the world at the rendezvous
     Another threat was coming to the granaries Sapata threatened by the
Decayed Sea and the fungus.  The Second Prince, who possessed the
dominion of Doruku and had the supernatural power, killed his brother,
the First Prince, and headed for the battle front, declaring himself the
emperor of Doruku.  He attempted to invade Sapata having ambition to
violate the taboo - to revive the Giant Soldiers for conquering the
whole world.
     Nausicaa landed on a hill close to the rendezvous point to quietly
witness the change of the world.

    [The next chapter of the manga appeared in this very same issue of
ANIMAGE, i.e the April 4, 1990 issue.]

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     The following is the relevant entry in the Miyazaki Manga-ography
maintained by the Hayao Miyazaki Discussion Group computer mailing list:

                      MIYAZAKI MANGA-OGRAPHY

1990: ="Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" in ANIMAGE: April [4-page insert
         summarizes five missing chapters which will be revised & restored
         when entire series reaches book form (explains why Viz hasn't put
         out a "Part Three" of English translations!)] -December.