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The Return of Hans

Hansu no kikan
(The Return of Hans)

Manga by Hayao Miyazaki

Episode 1, Page 1.1

"Hansu no kikan" ("The Return of Hans") is a three episode, all water-color, manga serialized in 1994 by the Japanese modeling magazine Model Graphix.

The Story

The story begins near Berlin, Germany at the end of W.W. II.  Hans, a German chief tank mechanic, and his commanding officer are racing west toward the American front lines.  They hope to surrender to the US forces and escape capture by the approaching Russian Army.  While traveling on foot, they discover an abandoned German Panzer IV tank near a large mansion.  Hans attempts to repair the Panzer as his commanding officer heads for the mansion in search of provisions.  There he discovers Rosa, a German girl; her elderly grandmother; and her dog, Gustav.  Fearful for their safety, he convinces them to accompany Hans and himself on their journey West.  Hans is successful in bringing the tank back to life, and they make their escape just as the Russian troops close in.  More adventure and perhaps even romance will follow Hans and his companions as their story unfolds.

Serialized in:

Model Graphix magazine, from Dainippon Kaiga.

Published as:

Also contains Doromamire no Tora, information about Otto Carius, German military activity on the north-eastern front during World War II, and Miyazaki's trips to Estonia and Germany.

English Translation:

No authorized translation has been released.

Related Media:

Another short manga, "Buta no tora" ("A Pig's Tiger"), was published before "The Return of Hans".  "A Pig's Tiger" recounts the previous adventures of Hans as he applies his engineering skills to new German tank designs and battles the Russians during W.W. II.  It is available in Miyazaki Hayao no Zassou nouto (Daydream note).

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