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The Miyazaki Mailing List
[ Welcome! New Subscriber Information ]

This page is for new subscribers to the Miyazaki Mailing List. It is recommended that you read this page once you are subscribed, but before you post any messages to the list.



Welcome to the Miyazaki Mailing List!

If you've made it this far, congratulations! As a result of a careful screening process, it is very likely that you have the following desirable traits:

On behalf of the mailing list owners, I hope that you will enjoy the time you spend with us, and find the list to be a wonderful resource for information about Miyazaki, Takahata, and their Studio Ghibli.

-- Michael S. Johnson   Miyazaki Web and Mailing List Owner

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Now I'm a subscriber! What can I do next?

Be a responsible subscriber

Your subscription to the mailing list gives you the ability to reach over 350 people with each message you send to it. 350 people talking all at once without rhyme or reason can be very chaotic. Even 35 people talking can be too much to follow. So this mailing list has rules that we ask everyone to abide by to make your participation on this list enjoyable for everyone.

Learn the rules

This mailing list has a number of rules and guidelines for acceptable behavior that we would like you to familiarize yourself with before posting messages. Remember: you can find general information about the mailing list on the web at

More specific information, such as the rules of acceptable behavior online, can be found in the FAQ.

What you can (but shouldn't) do right away

When you join the list, you will be able to receive messages that other people send, and you will be able to send your own messages to everyone else who is subscribed to the list.

However, we recommend that you do not post any messages to the list (this is called lurking) for one week after joining the list. We encourage you to become familiar with how to control your mailing list subscription and how to find the answers to your questions on the web site before you ask questions we've already answered.

How to control your mailing list subscription

We know that controlling your subscription can be rather complicated. To make it a little easier, we have some information for you at

Where to look for answers before you ask the mailing list

Many people join the Miyazaki mailing list so that they can ask questions that are really important to them, like "Where can I buy a Totoro doll?" or "When will Disney release the film Mononoke Hime (The Princess Mononoke)?" So many people have asked questions like that -- the same questions over and over and over again, that we've put together a web site to help you find the answers to those questions. If you visit the Miyazaki Web site, there is a very good chance you will find the answers to your questions without having to ask the mailing list.

Where is the Miyazaki Web site?

You're reading it! It's at

Where are you most likely to find the answers to your questions?

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are available in the many FAQ pages you can find on this web site. Here's the main one, for starters:

This mailing list also has a FAQ. Please read it before posting messages to the mailing list.

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What is lurking?

Lurking means reading messages from a mailing list without posting any messages to it. For the first week or two while you are new to the list, it is recommended that you do not post any messages to the list. This is important because it allows you to get used to the atmosphere on the list -- how people on the list behave and how they prefer to hold their conversations. Lurking also helps you to avoid asking embarrassing questions: questions that others have already asked recently.

How do you avoid asking a question someone else has already asked? Browse or search the mail archive first. Browse or search the Miyazaki web site first.

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What is Netiquette?

Netiquette is short for "network etiquette." It is the set of guidelines and protocols that describe acceptable behavior on the Internet in general, and this mailing list in particular. Please learn about netiquette. It is recommended for subscribers of this mailing list.

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What is considered on-topic conversation?

See What is talked about on the mailing list?.

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What is considered OFF-topic conversation?

See What is NOT talked about on the mailing list?.

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Sending messages to the mailing list

To send messages to everyone subscribed to the list, send them to the address

See also Posting in the list FAQ.


Please use the English language. It is the language understood by all subscribers. Do not post messages in Japanese or other languages without an English translation.

See also Language in the list FAQ.


Do not post messages in RTF ("Rich Text"), HTML, BIG-5, or JIS; many subscribers cannot read messages with those codes in it.

See also Message format in the list FAQ.

Line width / Word wrap

Do not send messages with lines longer than about 76 columns. Many subscribers are still using fixed-width, 80-column terminal programs to read their e-mail with.
This is a highly-exaggerated
of what a message written 
long lines looks like on a 
which is narrower than the
Looks awful, doesn't it?

See also Line length vs. screen width in the list FAQ.

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Potential problems with your subscription

See Problems with your subscription in the list FAQ.

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How to use LISTSERV, the list server

LISTSERV is the name of the program that handles the Miyazaki Mailing List. It is the program that keeps records of everyone's subscriptions, and delivers mail to them whenever someone sends a message to

You can control how LISTSERV handles your subscription -- especially in ways other than subscribing, unsubscribing, and posting messages -- but that can be difficult to learn, so please see Documentation in the list's FAQ.

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How the list owners can help you

The list owners can help you with questions or problems related to the mailing list, including details related to your subscription, or complaints about other subscribers.

The list owners can, for example, help you conceal your subscription so that no others can find out that you're subscribed to this list. This may be helpful for professionals subscribing from work-related e-mail addresses: people who do not want their e-mail address easily discoverable.

Please feel free to contact the list owners with any help you need, especially if you have already consulted the helpful information in these web pages and didn't find what you were looking for.

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