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[Lupin mainpage] Rupan Sansei: Terebi to Kariosutoro no Shiro
(Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro)

Synopsis - Page 1

Title Screen

On a dark night, two mysterious figures lower themselves from a rope, with a sack (and their pockets) stuffed with money. Suddenly, alarms ring out, and lights go on. We see these two men fleeing a casino, obviously the scene of a heist. They hurdle their way to their little yellow getaway car, with angry machinegun-wielding men close behind. But as the casino security continue in pursuit, they find their cars suddenly falling apart around them! Once again, Lupin III and his sidekick Jigen have outmaneuver their foes.

Their glee is short-lived however; as upon closer inspection their ill-gotten gains turn out to be brilliant counterfeits. In fact, they are legendary "Goat" bills. They toss the fake money in huge handfuls from the car as Lupin gets an idea.

[Over the opening credits, we see the two men travelling through all sorts of weather and countryside.]

Our two heavily-disguised heroes have their passports inspected at a border checkpoint of the Duchy of Cagliostro. Having passed through without comment, they ditch their disguises as Lupin tells Jigen that the smallest member of the United Nations is legendary in the underworld as the source of the Goat bills, but no-one who investigates has ever returned.

The car springs a flat tyre, and Jigen loses to Lupin in a game of "Rock, Scissors, Paper" to see who changes it. They are momentarily becalmed by the side of the road, but the peace of the bucolic countryside is shattered as a car driven by a girl in a wedding dress zooms past them, closely followed by a second car, full of heavy-set men. While Jigen desperately clambers back into the car, Lupin pulls a lever and the hidden turbo engine blasts them off on a rescue mission for the pursued girl.

The Big Chase A wild chase ensues as the three cars zoom along a narrow mountainside road while dodging oncoming traffic. Jigen attempts to shoot the bad guys' tyres out, but they are bullet-proof! The confirmation that these guys mean business comes when they lob grenades back at our heroes. Battered by the explosions, our heroes try a different tack. Zooming up the cliff face, Lupin takes a shortcut through the forest before dropping back in to the chase, this time ahead of the bad guys. Jigen loads up with armour-piercing bullets, and this time manages to disable the bad guys' car.

However, the crisis is far from over, as the girl has fainted at the wheel of her car. As Jigen takes the controls, Lupin leaps into the girl's car. But before he can stop the car, they run into a steamroller blocking a whole lane and the wrecked car topples off the road and over the cliff. Lupin grabs the girl and throws out a line, hanging from a tree trunk as the car plunges into the sea below. Recovering, the girl struggles to escape Lupin^s grasp, but quickly stops as she realises their precarious height. Relieved, Lupin slowly lowers them towards the ground, but the dead tree gives way and although they land safely, Lupin is knocked out by a blow to the head from the falling tree.

Clarisse Tends To Lupin The girl removes a glove and dips it in the sea to mop Lupin's brow, but she spots an approaching boat and flees along the shore. By the time Jigen has descended to check on his friend's health, the girl has been captured, and the boat takes her off into the distance. However, she has left behind her glove - and in it, a ring with the insignia of a goat - which stirs Lupin's memory.


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