Laputa: Castle in the Sky
(Tenku-no Shiro Rapyuta)

The script is intended to assist people who don't understand Japanese to the follow the original 1986 Japanese-language version. It is an adjunct to and is not intended as a substitute for the movie. As a "script" it is lacking, especially in those details which would not be needed for viewers of the movie; thumbnails and descriptions are here are not intended to be complete but to give cues to assist those following the Japanese movie; no attempt is made to ascribe purpose, give background, or explain motive behind what is seen, said, or done. For a synopsis of the movie with analysis see the one here.

This script adapts fragments from the works of Sue Shambaugh (date unknown) edited by Jeff Okamoto (3/15/88). R. Bernstein (2002) turned this into HTML, and edited slightly to make more idiomatic drawing on information from Chi Ming Huang's Laputa Website. Since the last editor does not understand any Japanese, he would appreciate learning of inaccuracies and receiving corrections where he below is incorrect.

Reproduction of this material is permitted for NON-PROFIT purposes only.


See also Ming's Laputa People page from which this is culled from.

Sheeta (13) an orphan from the Northern mountain town of Gondoa.
Pazu (13) an orphan living in the mining town of Slagg's Ravine.

The Captain of the pirate airship, The Tiger Moth.

CHARLES (Shalulu), LOUIE (Lui), and HENRI (Anli)
Dola's sons.

Another member of the Dola gang.

a government special agent

Mooska's subordinates.

The commander of the Laputa investigation.

DUFFY (Boss)
40-year old machine operator of a mine in the Slagg's Ravine. Boss of Pazu.

Wife of Mr. Duffy

Okami's daughter.

The engineer who runs the trains to the mining town.

70-year old miner and friend of Pazu's.

She brought up Sheeta after Sheeta's parents' death.

Veteran pirate engineer of The Tiger Moth; an old friend of Dora.

Plane engine noises. Ship Alarm sounds. On wing of The Tiger Moth

DORA: Heh, Heh, Heh. (Makes signal to move out.)

View of inside of plane from outside. Japanese version has no dialog that can be heard above the engine humming, although the people inside are speaking. Chinese version has both dialog and subtitles.

AGENT 1: Something probably related to offering dinner
MOOSKA: Something. Something
AGENT 1: (Shrugs) Something

Pirates attack airship.

AGENTS: In Chinese version this is audible. Huh?

TWO CREWMEN: Huh?! explosion
CREW VOICES: (Gasp) Uhhhhh!
CREWMAN: Hey! It's a gas bomb! It's an attack! (Cough, Cough)

Pirates enter the ship.

MOOSKA: (to agents): Hold them here.
AGENTS: In Chinese version only: Yes, sir.
MOOSKA (to Sheeta): You, get down on the floor!
(Taps at Telegraph.)
AGENT: Tear gas!
PIRATE'S VOICE: Something in Chinese version
DORA'S VOICE: What's the delay?
DORA'S VOICE: Quickly break down the door!
LOUIE: She's here! Mama, she's here! She was hiding!
DORA: Hurry up and catch her!
LOUIE: Mama, I'll fall!
DORA: That's it -- it's that stone! (to Charles) Hurry -- into the next room! It's a Levistone!
Door bursts open. Woman screams.
SHEETA: (Falling) Aaaaaaaaah!
DORA: Damn -- the Levistone...

Opening Credits

PAZU: Uncle -- put in two meatballs.
SHOP OWNER: Working a lot of overtime?
PAZU: After a long time, it's busy.
WOMAN: Still working?
PAZU: Yes.

Pazu sees Sheeta fall from the sky.
PAZU: Huh? What's that?
PAZU: (Gasp) It's a person!
PAZU: Uhhhh!

Pazu rushes to the top of an elevator platform on the top of a mine shaft.
PAZU: Whaoh...oh (Almost falls over; catches Sheeta from falling into the mine. Levistone light disappears and reacting to sudden weight of Sheeta Ugh.... Phew.
BOSS: Pazu!
BOSS: What are you doing up there? What about dinner?
PAZU: Boss! A -- a girl from the sky!
BOSS: Shit! Ouch...
PAZU: Boss -- a girl from the sky...
BOSS: Shit --worn-out engines!
PAZU: Boss -- a girl from the sky!
BOSS: Close the #2 valve!
BOSS: Ouch... Pazu, hand me a wrench.:
PAZU: Yes, sir.
Ding, Ding, Ding.
BOSS: I can't let go!
PAZU: Huh?
BOSS: You do it!
PAZU: Yes, sir.
BOSS: Don't keep the people down below waiting.
PAZU: Yes, sir.
BOSS: Keep calm and you can do it.
PAZU: Yes, sir.

The elevator starts running.

BOSS: Brake!
PAZU: Yes, sir! Phew...
ASSAYIST: How was it?
MINER: It's no use. The silver isn't concentrated anywhere.
ASSAYIST: Just digging is useless. Shouldn't you have dug to the east?
MINER: It's full of old holes, over there. We'll just have to do it over again, won't we?
ASSAYIST: Yes... Please do.
MINER: That's it...
BOSS (to Pazu): Put out the boiler fire. Without overtime. These are hard times -- we'll end up starving.
BOSS: Pazu, oil that run-down engine.
PAZU: Yes, Sir.

Pirates rendezvous outside The Tiger Moth.

CHARLES: It's no use, Mama. We can't find anything in the pitch dark.
DORA: You think we've searched thoroughly, eh?
DORA: There's no evidence ... We'll start afresh when it gets light.

Pazu wakes. Goes to top of his roof. Starts playing trumpet. Sheeta in bed. Hears Pazu's playing. Yawns. Climbs ladder to roof. Pidgeons fly past as her head pokes out.

PAZU: Ha, ha, ha... Well, how do you feel? Wah! Hey, wait! Wait, I said!
PAZU: I'm Pazu. I live alone in this hut. When I'm done playing, I give them this. Hands Sheeta pidgeon feed.

Pidgeons eat out of Sheeta's hands.
SHEETA: Ha, ha, ha!
PAZU: Heh, I'm relieved.
PAZU: At any rate, you look human. Until a little while ago, I was worried, in case you were an angel by mistake.
SHEETA: Thanks for saving me. I'm called Sheeta.
PAZU: Sheeta -- that's a nice name. I was surprised, the way you fell out of the sky.
SHEETA: I see... Why do you suppose I was saved...? After all, I fell out of an airplane...
PAZU: Don't you remember?
PAZU: Hmmm.... Say, will you show me that for a minute?
PAZU: Yes.

SHEETA: It's been handed down in my family from long ago...
PAZU: A pretty stone, isn't it... Just a second... Hmmm. Ha, ha, ha! Hitch! Jumps off roof.
PAZU: He, he, he. Looks like it wasn't this stone after all, eh...?
Whoops! (He falls again.)

SHEETA: Pazu -- oh! Pazu -- hang on... (She falls on top of him.)
SHEETA: Are you OK?
PAZU: Yes -- and you?
SHEETA: Fine. Does it hurt?
PAZU: Yes. My head hurts from Boss's fist. (They laugh) Oh my -- the pot has boiled away. Let's go in and eat! You can wash your face over there. There are towels, too.
SHEETA: Thanks!

She looks at the photo of Laputa.

SHEETA: Laputa
PAZU: Sheeta! Sheeta, ready yet? (He notices Sheeta looking at the photo) That's a photograph Father took from an airship.
PAZU: ``Laputa'' is an island floating in the sky.
SHEETA: An island that floats in the sky?
PAZU: Yes. And although it's said to be a legend... My father saw it!

Flashback of his father in a dirigible

PAZU: It's the photograph he took then. Although Swift wrote about Laputa in ``Gulliver's Travels'', that was just a day-dream. Father drew this from memory!
(Shows her the drawing)

PAZU: Now, there's no one living in the palace any more. But a lot of treasure is sleeping there. But nobody believed it. Father died in Sagi, working on it.

PAZU: But, my father's not a liar.

PAZU: Now I'll make it real -- surely I will go and discover Laputa... Hmmm?

Pirates pull up in a car to the front of the house.

PAZU: An automobile -- how rare!
SHEETA: They're pirates.
PAZU: Eh?!
SHEETA: They're the ones who attacked the airship!
PAZU: They're after you?
PAZU: Hurry -- this way!

They leave, Sheeta is disguised as a boy.

PAZU: Good morning!
LOUIE: Hey! Wait!
PAZU: What? I'm in a hurry, so be quick!
LOUIE: Hasn't a girl come to these parts?
PAZU: She came yesterday, to Boss's place -- baby Madge!
LOUIE: Shit! A coincidence!
PAZU: Bye!
PAZU: They're after Sheeta, after all.
KE: Louie -- It's a girl's dress!
LOUIE: Disguised?! You tell Mama!

In town

CHARLES: Some question. Hard to hear in Japanese.
BOSS: Haven't seen her.
CHARLES: A pretty girl, with dark hair in braids?
PAZU: Boss! Boss!
CHARLES: Just about that age?
LOUIE: Brother! That's her!
PAZU: They're pirates! They're after this girl.
MADGE: Pirates! Look!
BOSS: That's far enough.
CHARLES: We'll get her.
BOSS: Pirates?
CHARLES: The Dora Clan.
BOSS: You won't go back? There are only poor people here.
PAZU: Wah!
PAZU: Okami!


OKAMI: Go out the back way!
PAZU: I'll fight, too!
OKAMI: They have weapons.
PAZU: But...

OKAMI: Be a good boy, won't you? Protect her.

CHARLES: In any case, we'll get her somehow.
BOSS: If you're a man, settle it with fists.
HENRI: Amusing. Do it, Brother!
CROWD: (Claps) Oh!
MAN: Oh, my -- show him, Duffy!
LOUIE: Amazing...
OKAMI: Who sewed that shirt?
Charles and Duffy in fist fight. CHARLES: Ooh!
MAN: Don't be beaten! Go!
LOUIE AND HENRI: Brother, don't give up!
HENRI: Go! Go! Eh?
(A brawl ensues.)

From edge of town

DORA: They think they can fool me? Follow them!

PAZU: Hey! Get on!

(They jump onto a moving train)

PAZU: Good!
CONDUCTOR: Pazu -- skipping out on work for a day?
PAZU: We're being followed by ruffians.
PAZU: It's the Dora Clan...
CONDUCTOR: Pirates? Boy!
PAZU: Let us ride as far as the next city, and we'll go for the police.
CONDUCTOR: All right. Help out as a stoker!
PAZU: Sure.

(Dora's honking car comes to screeching halt in front of where the brawl is taking place.)

DORA: Something.
DORA: These stupid sons of mine -- hurry up and get in!
LOUIE: Eh...?! But the girl's over there.
DORA: She's already gone out the back door. Don't stop.
HENRI: Brother...
MEN: Wait!

(Car departs with townsfolk chasing after them; Dora tosses back a grenade.)

CONDUCTOR: Pazu --they've remembered.
PAZU: Uncle -- can't this go any faster?
CONDUCTOR: It's pretty old.

DORA: Let's change! (takes the wheel)

LOUIE: Mama -- I'm falling!
CONDUCTOR: Raise the steam -- they're gaining on us!
DORA: Go there!
PAZU: Sheeta -- this way!
PAZU: Take care of the stoking!

(Pazu unhitches the locomotive from the remaining train cars.)

DORA: Don't give up!
PAZU: Shit!
DORA: Push! Keep pushing!
DORA: Wait! They won't get away. Don't just sit there -- push this thing into the bottom of the valley!
CONDUCTOR: Ha, ha, ha... There -- run fast!
PAZU: I'll do it.
SHEETA: Yes -- we'll do it.

(Train car falls into ravine.)

PIRATES: 1, 2, 3
DORA: Wait!
(A plane flies overhead.)

LOUIE: It's THEM, Mama... What'll we do...?
DORA: As I see it, are we supposed to bow out? We start at once!

(A tank train blocks the locomotive.)

CONDUCTOR: Huh.... We're stuck. It's the army's doing.
CONDUCTOR: Hey, please help out these kids. They're being followed by pirates.

(Mooska and Soldier emerge from the tank.)

PAZU: Sheeta...?
AGENT: Wait!

(Pazu trips the agent and Mooska.)

PAZU: Sheeta!
SOLDIER: Stop or I'll shoot!
(Conductor blasts brake steam foiling shot.)

(The pirates approach from another track.)

HENRI: It's an armored tank!
DORA: I don't care! Ram it!

PAZU: Sheeta -- what in the world's the matter!
SHEETA: Don't ask!

(The tank fires: The elevated track collapses with the Pazu and Sheeta holding onto the falling structure.)

DORA: Shit!
LOUIE: They'll fall!
DORA: Be quiet -- watch closely!

(The children fall.)

DORA: Hmmm. (The Levistone lights up.) (Gasp)
PAZU: We're floating!
DORA: You saw it, didn't you -- the power of the Levistone!
PAZU: It's the power in that stone, after all! Amazing!
PAZU: It's OK. This way we'll go to the bottom.
DORA: AMAZING! I want it...!
DORA: Excellent! I WILL get my hands on it!

SHEETA: It's going out...
PAZU: W-wait... (lights a lantern)
PAZU: It did that when you came floating down, too, Sheeta. The entrance looks so small...
SHEETA: I hope nothing awful happens to your Boss, or the Engineer...
PAZU: It's OK. The miners aren't all that soft. Well, let's go. Shouldn't we look for the exit? Since long ago, the mine's been full of holes over here. Here...

(He gives her a sandwich.)

SHEETA: I'm glad -- I was awfully hungry.
PAZU: Later, there's an apple and a couple of sweets.
SHEETA: Wow...
SHEETA: Pazu's bag is like a magic bag. It gives out everything.
PAZU: Gondoa ...? That's right in the heart of the northern mountains, isn't it?
SHEETA: Yes... Although Mother and Father died, they left me the house and farm, and I managed alone, somehow...


PAZU: You were kidnapped by those Agents?
PAZU: And that same man from a little while ago? (Sheeta nods) Who could it be... With such an army... Both Dora and the Agents want to get the stone, don't they?
SHEETA: But I had no idea there was such a mysterious power in this stone.
SHEETA: It has always been handed down in my family, since ancient times. Mother gave it to me when she died, telling me never to give it to strangers, or to show it to them.
PAZU: Hmmm... Neither one of us has parents.
SHEETA: Forgive me, for getting you mixed up in my troubles, Pazu.
PAZU: Sure. When you fell from the sky, my heart was pounding.
PAZU: Surely, it started a wonderful thing.

POM: Imps ... It's imps...
PAZU: Grandpa Pom! (to Sheeta) It's OK. He's a very nice man. (to Pom) Grandpa Pom -- we're lost!
POM: At last... Pazu looked just like an imp... And a little girl imp, too, I fear.
PAZU: We're being chased by pirates.
POM: Oh...?
PAZU: And by the army, too.
POM: Indeed... Ho, ho... Well, intrepid, aren't you...

POM: Well, help yourself.
SHEETA: Thanks. Grandpa, do you always stay underground?
POM: Ho, ho, ho ... Impossible! Since last night, the stones have been making a mysterious commotion...
POM: I'd like them to quiet down in time.
PAZU: The rock makes noise ... ?
POM: Ho, ho, ho... The stones have small voices ...
SHEETA: Wow...
PAZU: Amazing...
SHEETA: Pazu -- look up.
PAZU: But, until a little while ago, it was just rock...
SHEETA: It's pretty.
POM: Now, let's have a look.
Cracks a stone in two.
SHEETA: It went out.
POM: There are Levistones inside the rocks around here.
PAZU: Levistones ...?
POM: This happens immediately when it touches the air. It ends up becoming just like a rock...
SHEETA: It's glowing...
POM: This -- I'm amazed! That's a Levistone crystal... I, too, am beginning to see... It's no wonder the stones are agitated...!
SHEETA: There's a wonderful power in this stone.
POM: So long ago, only the people of Laputa had the power of crystallization.
SHEETA: The people of Laputa...
POM: Then, it floated in the sky over Dekkai Island...
PAZU: There really was a Laputa, Sheeta! It exists,
after all.
SHEETA: Grandpa, do you think that island is there now?
PAZU: Grandpa Pom?
POM: S-sorry, but could you put away that stone? It's too strong for me.
SHEETA: Y-yes!
PAZU: What's the matter, Grandpa?
POM: My Grandpa told me... When the stones are noisy, it's because Laputa is over the mines.
PAZU: So...! If we go up into the sky at that time, we can see Laputa! Sheeta, Father wasn't lying!
POM: Um, little girl... That is...
POM: I tell others about those stones because that's how I make a living, but the power that the stone has to bring people luck, seems to invite bad luck...
POM: Still more, that stone was made by human hands. Pay attention to that...
PAZU: It's not like that! That stone has saved Sheeta twice already, hasn't it!
PAZU: It's amazing! Laputa is real.

Plane overhead.
LOUIE: They've gone. Let's go back to the ship, Mama...
DORA: Keep quiet.
DORA: We shouldn't move for the time being.
CHARLES: I'm hungry...

PAZU: It's OK -- let's go.
SHEETA: Thanks, Grandpa.
POM: Be careful.

PAZU: Wow -- amazing clouds. Beyond the peaks of those clouds, where nothing can be seen, the island is floating...
PAZU: I'll do it! I'll see Laputa for sure!
SHEETA: Pazu...
PAZU: Hm...?
SHEETA: There's something I still haven't told you...
SHEETA: There's an old, secret name in my family. When I inherited this stone, I inherited that name as well... My inherited name is Lusheeta... Lusheeta Toelle Ul Laputa...
PAZU: Laputa... Th -- that's...! It's the army! Run, Sheeta!
PAZU: Run to the cave!
SOLDIER: Don't move...
PAZU: What are you doing!?
SHEETA: Ah -- Pazu! Let me go... (chomp)
AGENT: Ouch!
SHEETA: Pazu! Pazu! Pazu! Pazu?
SOLDIER: We've picked them up.
MOOSKA: Gave you a lot of trouble, eh?

PAZU: Open up! Open up!
PAZU: Sheeta...

GENERAL: Too slow! Lock up a that little girl and she'll talk at once!
MOOSKA: That's a bad government habit.
MOOSKA: Hurry things and both the girl and the investment will suffer, Your Excellency.
GENERAL: Hmph! If we'd mobilized the troops in the first place, Dora wouldn't have stolen a march on us.
MOOSKA: Your Excellency, the elementary code was deciphered.
MOOSKA: This is work for my agents. If Your Excellency would move the troops at the necessary time, then fine.
GENERAL: Mooska! I am the commander of the Laputa investigation. Don't forget it!
MOOSKA: Of course. And I receive secret orders from the government. Don't forget it.
GENERAL: Shit! Special NOVICE!

ILV VCD Disk 2

MOOSKA: Did you sleep well?

SHEETA: Where's Pazu? I want to see Pazu!
MOOSKA: Don't you like fashionable clothes? Don't worry about him. That rock-head is harder than mine. Look -- right or wrong, there's something I want you to see.
MOOSKA: Go in.
SHEETA: (Gasp) This...something ?
MOOSKA: It has terrible destructive power. It's a robot soldier.
MOOSKA: If this fellow hadn't come falling out of the sky, nobody would have believed in Laputa...
MOOSKA: This one wasn't made on the Earth's surface. And this body -- metallic? Ceramic? Our scientists don't know about that. Look at this...

SHEETA: (Gasp)
MOOSKA: Don't be afraid. This one has been dead from the beginning. Here. The same sign that was on the old fireplace in your home. And on this necklace, eh...?

MOOSKA: This stone won't work except in your hands. The stone, inherited by you, will protect its owner, until the day you return to Laputa in the sky, when it will show you the way.
SHEETA: But, I don't know anything!
SHEETA: If you want the stone, tell me!
SHEETA: Leave us alone...
MOOSKA: You think Laputa is kind of a "Treasure Island", don't you? Laputa is in the sky because of a formerly impressive scientific power. It controlled the whole surface of the Earth. It was an empire of fear!
MOOSKA: If a thing like that is still roving the sky, is it not a danger to peace? I think you understand. I'd like you to help me. Laputa's location is in the Levistone. You must know an incantation? Or something.
SHEETA: I really don't know... Let me see Pazu...
MOOSKA: I don't like to be violent. That young man's fate is in your hands. If you help us, I'll set that young man free, Lusheeta Toelle Ul Laputa.
SHEETA: How do you know that ...
MOOSKA: ``Ul'' means ``King'' in Laputan. ``Toelle'' is ``True''. You are the rightful successor of the Laputan royal family -- Queen Lusheeta.

PAZU: Ouch...
GUARD: Come out.
PAZU: Sheeta!
SHEETA: Pazu -- are you hurt?
PAZU: I'm OK. But you!? They haven't done anything terrible to you, have they?!
MOOSKA: Pazu -- I was quite mistaken about you. Please
forgive me. I didn't know that you fought hard to protect her from pirates. PAZU: Sheeta -- what in the world...
SHEETA: Pazu -- I beg you. Forget about Laputa.
PAZU: What!?
MOOSKA: The situation has become such that the army will investigate Laputa in secret with Sheeta's help. I understand how you feel, but I'd like you to keep ``hands off'' somehow.
PAZU: Sheeta -- is it true? But...
SHEETA: Forgive me. For troubling you so many ways. Thank you. I'll never forget you, Pazu...
PAZU: It can't be -- Sheeta -- didn't you promise?
SHEETA: Goodbye.
PAZU: Sheeta! Wait, Sheeta!
MOOSKA: If you want to be a man, too, then listen to reason!
MOOSKA: This is small, but it's heartfelt thanks. Take it and go.
MOOSKA: Please remember the words to make this stone work... If you keep your promise, you'll be set free, too...

MADGE: Shoo -- Shoo!
MADGE: Mama, Mama it's Pazu. Pazu came back!

OKAMI: Pazu -- I've been worried. I haven't seen you since that time. What happened to that little girl?
PAZU: She's all right.
OKAMI: Eh?! Pazu!

PAZU: Wah -- let me go -- what are you doing!
DORA: Just borrowing for a little while, my boy.
PAZU: Get out! This is my house!
DORA: Big talk, eh, for a brat who can't protect a little girl by himself...
HENRI: Look at how much money he's got!
DORA: Oh, dear -- you sold the girl for money?
PAZU: You're wrong! Would I do a thing like that?!
DORA: I don't suppose you'll say how you got the money?
PAZU: Sheeta told me to take it! So, I ...
DORA: So you grew timid, and came back shamelessly? And yet, you call yourself a man!?! Eh??
PAZU: Don't brag! Weren't you trying to get hold of Sheeta, then?!
DORA: Of course. Pirates try to get treasure, and where's the harm! They're strange fellows. Why do they repeatedly kidnap the girl?
DORA: Do you think they'll let the girl live? Did ``Sheeta say so''? Idiot! Wasn't she intimidated into settling with them to save you?
CHARLES: You understand well, don't you, Mama?
DORA: I haven't been a woman for 50 years for appearance's sake.
DORA: Aren't you crying? To save a man -- heartless behavior. Just like my young heart. All of you -- if you marry, find a nice girl like her.
LOUIE: Heh!? Is she like Mama, that girl?
DORA: No good -- they've changed the code ...! They've summoned a warship.
DORA: They'll depart with the girl on board. And if we don't hurry, it will get out of our reach ... We'll set out. How long were we eating?
PAZU: Are you going to go kidnap Sheeta?
HENRI: The girl is useless -- it's the Levistone!
PAZU: But, the Levistone by itself is useless! If Sheeta doesn't hold that stone, it doesn't work!
PAZU: Auntie -- won't you take me with you?! I want to save Sheeta.
DORA: Don't be spoiled. If you go, you do things with your own strength.
PAZU: I will. I'm not a fool. If I have the strength, I'll protect her. The treasure of Laputa is not useless. Please...
LOUIE: Uh-oh, you've made her cry...
DORA: Shut up!
LOUIE: Y-yes. ..
DORA: We don't know if the girl will listen to what we have to say, do we? We can't go there twice.
PAZU: Understood.
DORA: I expected as much!
PAZU: Yes!
DORA: Don't take more than 40 seconds.
PAZU: All of you -- take care.
DORA: Fasten yourself onto me with this belt. You all, wait on the ship.

GENERAL: It's an excellent ship. Mooska -- has the girl confessed?
MOOSKA: I need a little more time.
GENERAL: I don't care! There'll be time enough in the air. With nightfall, I'll put the girl on board and depart.
DORA: If we dawdle, night will fall!
PAZU: Sheeta!


GRANDMA: That's too bad. So, Sheeta, I want to tell you something good. A spell for times of trouble.
GRANDMA: That's right. Very old, secret words.

GRANDMA: ``Leete Latobarita Uruth Ariaroth Bal Netoreel.''
YOUNG SHEETA: Leete... La...?
GRANDMA: It's to save us. It is a wish -- ``Light, be reborn.'' Leete Latobarita Uruth Ariaroth Bal Netoreel.

SHEETA: Leete Latobarita Uruth Ariaroth Bal Netoreel...

SHEETA: Aaah?!
MOOSKA: Excellent! It was in an old manuscript -- this light is a holy light...
SHEETA: Holy light...? What kind of incantation is it? Tell me those words.
GUARD: It moved! Hey! The robot -- the robot's alive. Hello?!
GUARDS: Save us! It's crazy!
GUARDS: It's moving. Put out the fire. It's the robot!
MOOSKA: The robot! ?
MOOSKA: Where does it think it's going?

VOICE: Hurry!
MOOSKA: Amazing! I see!
MOOSKA: It's that light! The seal on the robot was broken by the holy light. It has opened the way to Laputa! Come here!
MOOSKA: It thinks it can fly?!
AGENT: It's crazy!
SHEETA: It's piercing the sky...
MOOSKA: Laputa is in the same direction as that light. Not ready yet? Hurry up!
GENERAL: Use the blasting powder?! Idiot -- do you want to blow up this fort?!
GENERAL: Hm!? Hello? Hello?? Hey -- what's wrong!
AGENT 1: Good.
AGENT 2: It's connected.
MOOSKA: This is Captain Mooska. Because of the robot, the communications circuits have been destroyed. Take emergency action. I will temporarily take command.
MOOSKA: The robot is trying to get to the girl on the East tower. Kill it the moment it's shown itself. Leave the fuses off the shells. Don't hurt the girl.
GUARD: Hurry! Hurry!
VOICES: We did it! Forward! Hurry!
SOLDIER 1: Ha, ha -- it's flattened.
SOLDIER 2: Amazing...
SOLDIER 3: Get the girl.
SOLDIER 4: Is she dead?
SOLDIER 5: Hey -- get up.
SOLDIER 6: She's just fainted. Hey, stand up.
SOLDIER: It -- it moved. ..
SOLDIERS: Yikes! Run!
DORA: What's the matter -- looks just like a war.
PAZU: Let's go, Auntie!
DORA: Call me Captain! Charles, can't you fly a little lower?
SHEETA: Stop! Stop, already!
SHEETA: Please!
LOUIE: Mama -- The Goliath has started to move!
DORA: As it is, if they go, we'll end up flying into their blasting powder. We'll start anew.
PAZU: There she is -- it's Sheeta.
DORA: What? Where?!
PAZU: As I see it, go straight ahead. She's on the top of the small tower!
DORA: The girl is brave! You all, cover us!
PAZU: Sheeta!

PAZU: Sheeta, go now!
PAZU: Auntie, a little closer! Wah!
SHEETA: Pazu! Ah! (to robot) LET ME GO!

PAZU: Sheeta!
PAZU: Auntie!
PAZU: Go up!
DORA: It's our last chance. If we brush past, catch hold!
PAZU: Yes.
PAZU: Great!
MOOSKA: Get out of the way! Damn!
PAZU: Sheeta!

MOOSKA: Shit. What is The Goliath doing? Ah!
MOOSKA: A smoke screen...?
GENERAL: Mooska -- what happened to the robot?!
MOOSKA: The robot was destroyed. The girl is out there.
GENERAL: What!? Look sharp -- put out the fires! Form search parties!
MOOSKA: Don't lose the holy light.
MOOSKA: It shows the direction of Laputa... Inform the General, and we will depart for Laputa in the planned direction.

LOUIE: Nice, isn't she...
CHARLES: Do you believe it...? That girl looks like she's becoming like Mama.
DORA: It's your valley. Really, it's absurd; you were a useless limb.
PAZU: Say... Auntie, please let us ride on your ship.
DORA: Call me Captain! You don't have the Levistone. To let you on board is special.
PAZU: We'll repay you.
SHEETA: I certainly want to see the real Laputa with my own eyes.
DORA: Hmph. And if the treasure is useless... ? I certainly want to see the true character of Laputa. Your motive to ride on a pirate ship is impure.
LOUIE: Mama -- can she come along?
DORA: If there's any strange mockery, I'll throw you into the sea at once!
PAZU: Yes!
LOUIE: We did it! A live-in charwoman.
HENRI: A dishwasher!
CHARLES: A potato peeler!
ALL: Yeah! Whew!
CHARLES: Can you make pudding?
SHEETA: Yes...
LOUIE: I like mincemeat pie!
HENRI: And me... Well, now, let me see... I'll eat anything!
DORA: Behave yourselves! Really! Still just children.
DORA: Don't fall!
PAZU: It's cloth strips!
PAZU: This ship is made of cloth strips!
DORA: Don't ruin it.
LOUIE: Don't loiter! It's cramped.
DORA: Hurry up -- this way! I hate shirkers!
LOUIE: You -- this way.
PAZU: Wah!
DORA: Can't eat yet. Come on!
LOUIE: You didn't come here to play!
PAZU: It's an amazing engine.
LOUIE: Where'd he go? Uncle! Uncle! Uncle -- hey, it's the assistant you wanted.
MOTRO: Not so loud. I can hear you.
LOUIE: Go. He's worse than Mama. Be careful.
MOTRO: It's so cramped, my hand won't go in.
PAZU: It's this packing, isn't it. ..
MOTRO: Your name?
PAZU: Pazu.
DORA: It's almost due East, isn't it, the direction that the light from the Levistone gave. No mistake, is there?
SHEETA: From the tower where I was, I could see the sun rise. Right now is the next mowing season, therefore...
SHEETA: The sunrise is moving a little to the south of due East, because the light of the sun rose to the left of the hills.
DORA: A good reply. How're things up there?
RADIO OPERATOR: Neither yea nor nay.
DORA: So, they're jamming the radio to hide their whereabouts, are they?!
HENRI: Mama, The Goliath's way is a fast pace! What'll we do?
DORA: We'll be on their windward side. If we use the trade winds. . . This is it. The East electronic computer. The Goliath has already departed for Laputa!
DORA: With wind speed 10... We'll do it somehow. Everybody, listen up! Our ship will now commence pursuit!
DORA: If we use the wind, we should be able to make contact tomorrow! And I'll give 10 gold pieces to the first spotter!
CHARLES: 10 gold pieces...
DORA: Laputa is some sort of island, I guess. There must be enough treasure to comfort us pirates. So! Everybody...GET TO WORK!
MOTRO: There!
DORA: Course 98. Velocity 40!
DORA: There's nothing in that size! Put this on!
DORA: It's your post.
LOUIE: Good!
DORA: Meals are 5 times a day. Economize on the water.
DORA: These fools! Can't you do your work at once??

Knock at door outside scullery.
SHEETA: Yes. Come in. Sorry, there's no dinner yet.
LOUIE: Heh, heh, heh...
SHEETA: My first airship kitchen... Do you want something?
LOUIE: Well ...
LOUIE: No, no -- I have some spare time, so I thought I'd be of some help...
SHEETA: Well, thank you. Would you do that washing?
LOUIE: Easy... Oops!
LOUIE (to pirate): A little while ago, you said your back hurt...
CHARLES: I had some spare time and thought I'd help...
PIRATE 1: Out of the way.
CHARLES: Don't shirk. ..
KE: Don't get in the way.
PIRATE 3: Shit -- what hurt your back?
HENRI: Hey -- can I be of some help...!?!

MOTRO: Dora was scared too, eh? And with The Goliath to help them.. It's hopeless...
DORA: Hmph! It's the island of Laputa, so it's no wonder.
MOTRO: Heh, heh... Certainly they're good kids, those two...
DORA: What does he want me to say? This damned old man...
MOTRO: Help the enemy, too. Please don't respect! ( ? )
DORA: What!
MOTRO: No... Hey... Checkmate, isn't it?

Inside mess hall
PIRATE: It's good! Yum! Delicious.
SHEETA: Well... If anyone wants seconds...
PIRATES: Seconds! Seconds! Seconds!

LOUIE: Hey! Get up. It's arrival time. Take this with you -- it's cold!
PAZU: The lookout...?
LOUIE: Yes ... Phew -- cold! You're up top.
PAZU: Yes.
PAZU: I'm second shift.
LOOKOUT: Thanks.
PAZU: Huh? Sheeta!
SHEETA: Wow -- I was scared! Wow!

SHEETA: Pretty...
PAZU: (noticing Sheeta shivering) Huh? Sheeta, Get in.
(Over voice tube in Dora's cabin)
PAZU: Can't sleep?.
SHEETA: Yes, it's warm...
PAZU: Sheeta, look behind.
SHEETA: Yes ...
SHEETA: Pazu...
SHEETA: I'm scared beyond words...
(Over voice tube in Dora's cabin)
SHEETA: The truth is, I don't want to go to Laputa at all. I hope we don't find The Goliath.
PAZU: Well...
SHEETA: Um... The direction that the light pointed at, is really. . . Well ...
PAZU: And that incident with the robot... It was pitiful, wasn't it?
SHEETA: Yes... What a thing to happen, from an incantation taught to me by my grandmother... I learned many other incantations, too. To find things, and to cure illness ... And words I must absolutely never use.
PAZU: Words you must absolutely never use...?
SHEETA: Spells of destruction, good spells to bestow power. . . She said I must know the bad words, too, but never use them.
SHEETA: When I was taught, I couldn't sleep for fear... I was never to take out that stone... So it was always hidden in the fireplace, and except at weddings, never used...
(Over voice tube)
SHEETA: Mother, and Grandmother, and Grandmother's Grandmother -- everybody came to do so...
SHEETA: I hope we can save such a stone quickly...
PAZU: You're wrong. Thanks to that stone, I met Sheeta. By saving that stone, Laputa won't be lost. Quickly progressing in the flying machine, when will someone discover it?
(Over voice tube)
PAZU: Yet, what shall we do if Laputa is really a terrible island? It looks like Mooska must not deliver the others to it...
PAZU: Besides... If we run away now, we'll be followed all the time.
SHEETA: But, I don't want to make Pazu a pirate for my sake...
PAZU: (Chuckles). I won't become a pirate.
(Over voice tube)
PAZU: Even Dora understands. She appears to be a good person...
PAZU: When this is all over, surely she'll send you to Gondoa ... I want to see it... The old house where Sheeta was born, and the yaks...
(Over voice tube)
SHEETA: Oh, Pazu...
PAZU: What's that! Underneath the ship -- hey, there!
PAZU: It's The Goliath -- it's right below us!
DORA: Starboard -- run!

(Inside The Goliath.)

GENERAL: Mooska -- why aren't we chasing them? Let them get away, and we've got trouble.
MOOSKA: It's no good, in the clouds. Let them -- at any rate, they won't run far!
MOOSKA: The navigation research is going smoothly.

(Inside The Tiger Moth.)

DORA: As expected, the course was north. Pazu -- there's no time -- listen up! (Over voice tube:) If we don't shake off The Goliath, it's the end. You have good eyes; only the lookout post... If we go out of the clouds, they'll pursue.
PAZU: What should I do?
DORA (over voice tube): That lookout post will turn into a kite. There should be a handle inside.
PAZU: Found it!
DORA (over voice tube): If you turn it clockwise, the hook will catch. If you turn the upper handle, the wings will open...! If it's open, don't stretch the wire. Remember, steer with your body!
DORA: Sheeta's up there, isn't she!
SHEETA (over voice tube): Yes!
DORA: You come back down!
SHEETA (over voice tube): Why?
DORA: WHY?? You're a little girl!
SHEETA: Hey, Auntie, you're a girl, too! Besides, I'm mountain-bred -- I have good eyes, too.
PAZU: Sheeta!
SHEETA: (to Pazu) Please! (to Dora) Pazu thinks so, too!
DORA: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha... If you go up, don't use the voice tube. Because there's an internal tele... (Telephone rings.) Huh? (Dora picks it up.)
SHEETA: Is this the phone you were talking about, Auntie?
LOUIE: Gee..
PAZU: Yes -- we'll try. Let us up!
SHEETA: It's not here, is it.
PAZU: They've dived into the clouds.
DORA (over phone: Don't be careless. They don't have to be in front of us.
PAZU: Yes!
PAZU: Hang on tight!
DORA (over phone: What's wrong!
PAZU: It's turbulence -- we're ok!
PAZU: Just a little stirred up! Yes! I'll continue the watch. Scared?
PAZU: I've gotten the hang of how to do it.
PAZU: It's a little stormy. Sheeta, get the string out of my suitcase.
PAZU: Tie us together with it.. .
LOUIE: The barometer is falling rapidly, Mama...
DORA: Unlucky, eh? What a time to get stormy. How long until sunset?
CHARLES: One hour!
PAZU: It's sunset!
SHEETA: Pazu, it's strange, the sunset coming from the side...
PAZU: I see! We must be moving towards the east! Bridge!
DORA: Eh!? Go north, you say!?
CHARLES: The compass is pointing north!
DORA: The wind's changed. The course has gone wrong!
SHEETA: Look -- there!
DORA: What's the matter -- The Goliath?!
PAZU: It's the clouds. They're awfully big...
DORA: The clouds! ?
SHEETA: They're coming this way!
PAZU: It's a sky castle.. .
DORA: THAT'S a low pressure center! The ship can't stand the wind. Full power! It's dragging!
PAZU: We're rapidly being drawn closer.
DORA: Don't persevere -- we can't take it!
CHARLES: The rudder won't move!
DORA: Always the damn power -- what's the problem!
MOTRO: Dora -- the engine will burn up.
DORA: I don't want to hear any complaints, all right? Do it, somehow or other!
DORA: Get out of the clouds!
PAZU: Sheeta -- It's the ocean!
DORA: The Dragon's Nest!
PAZU: The Dragon's Nest!? This...?
PAZU: The wind there is blowing in the wrong direction, just like Father said.
DORA: That way is a wall of wind!
CHARLES: So much for the return trip.
DORA: We'll be sucked in. The man simply won't give up.
PAZU: Bridge! Laputa is in here!
DORA: What! ?
PAZU: Father saw Laputa in the Dragon's Nest!
DORA: You're crazy! If we go in, we'll be shaken to pieces!
SHEETA: Pazu -- over there!
DORA: At a damn busy time like this!
(Drawing fire from The Goliath.)
PAZU: Let's go, Auntie! It's the way Father talked about. Father came back!
DORA: ALL RIGHT! Let's go -- into the Dragon's Nest!
(The kite detaches.)

GENERAL: Hunh? Yeah, we did it!
GOLIATH PILOT: Our ship is in danger, too. I will retreat.
MOOSKA: Progress just as before!
MOOSKA: The light always indicates the center of the whirling clouds. Laputa is inside the storm. Didn't you hear me? Progress just as before. There is certainly an entrance.

PAZU: Let's go, Sheeta!
Lightning. Pazu sees dirigible in lightning flash.

ILV VCD Disk 3

Pazu sees his Father.

PAZU: Sheeta... Sheeta!

Are you OK?
PAZU: Look.

SHEETA: Laputa.
PAZU: Yes. Oh -- sorry!
SHEETA: Wait... Still pretty tightly knotted. My hands are shaking...
PAZU: We did it!

BOTH: YEAH! Ha, ha, ha ...
PAZU: There are birds...
SHEETA: What do you suppose happened to everyone...?

(A robot comes towards them.)

PAZU: It's coming to meet you, Sheeta...
SHEETA: But I don't have the Levistone ...
PAZU: A knife will do it... (robot picks up kite.)
PAZU: What are you doing!?
SHEETA: Wait! Please, don't break that. Without that, we can't go back.
SHEETA: It's a Hitaki nest!
PAZU: For this ...! ?
SHEETA: Oh, good, the eggs aren't broken ...
PAZU: Not afraid of people, are they...
SHEETA: Let's follow.
PAZU: Do you know the words?
SHEETA: Just don't worry about that!

PAZU: Wow!
PAZU: It's a city!
PAZU: But we must be inside the buildings... Sheeta, that sky...
SHEETA: Yes...
PAZU: But it looked like stone walls from the outside... It was a splendid city. If science was progressing all the while, why...?

PAZU: It's a tomb, isn't it...
SHEETA: Although the forgotten writing is legible... (to robot to the side) Is it your doing? (Turns to face robot. Gasps) Pazu!
PAZU: It's not the same robot as before...
PAZU: It must be a gardening robot. Because there weren't any people, all the time, it was standing guard here...

(First robot approaches and offers a flower.)
SHEETA: You came to pick flowers to offer before a tomb... Thank you...
PAZU: You're all alone? Aren't there any other robots here?!
PAZU: Ha, ha...
PAZU: Doesn't look lonely at all, does it...
PAZU: It has friends... Inspecting the Hitaki nest, too, it won't die... time.


PAZU: This way!
PAZU: The back face has crumbled.
PAZU: The Tiger Moth has been defeated.

SHEETA: Auntie and the others are probably OK.
PAZU: Sheeta -- over there!
SHEETA: Ah... Everyone is caught!
PAZU: They tied up the pirates at once.
SHEETA: Can't we rescue them?!
PAZU: Let's go!

SOLDIER: We've opened a way into the city. Sir, look: there's a mountain of treasure inside!
GENERAL: (Gasps)
LOUIE: Wow...
GENERAL: (to Pirates) Like this? Want it? You'll all get enough -- rope! (to Mooska) Did you notify our country of the discovery of Laputa?
MOOSKA: I'll do it now.

GENERAL: Try to set up a difficult code. Hey -- don't embezzle!
MOOSKA: The fools are just blind enough.

SHEETA: Amazing tree roots...
PAZU: Sheeta, you climb trees calmly, eh? Let's go.

(Soldiers looting the castle.)

PAZU: Doing terrible things...
SHEETA: If they go to the upper gardens...
PAZU: Sheeta, let's get back the Levistone.
PAZU: Only that will protect this place from those rascals. Why have the clouds cleared? I'm worried...
PAZU: If it hadn't been like this, they wouldn't have been able to land.
SHEETA: The effect of my spell...
PAZU: Surely this is what Mooska said, about ``the seal being broken.''
PAZU: Already this castle is awakened, because the holder of the Levistone approached, riding on the storm. As it stands, then, Mooska will become King. After the plunder, very terrible things will start to happen.
SHEETA: But how should I get the Levistone back ... ? Those words ...
PAZU: Those words? Impossible... But...
PAZU: We'll go around from below.
PAZU: I'll jump first.
SHEETA: Yes...

MOOSKA: It's around here.
SHEETA: Dear God...
MOOSKA: This is it!
AGENT: It's that brat!
PAZU: Damn?!
MOOSKA: Don't shoot -- I'll catch her!
MOOSKA: This, this isn't a queen?!
PAZU: Sheeta! Shit...
SOLDIER: Captain -- What's going on?
MOOSKA: The rest of the pirates. One more is hiding at your feet.
SOLDIER: Yes! Look for him!
PAZU: Sheeta! Wait...
SOLDIER: Bring me a hand grenade.
LOUIE: It's Pazu and the others, eh...
VOICES: What? Wow!
DORA: You're mistaken!
SOLDIER 1: His Excellency!
SOLDIER 2: What?
SOLDIER 2: Guards, fall in!
SOLDIER 2: Hurry!
PAZU: Auntie! They've got Sheeta. I'm going to go rescue her. After I cut the ropes, escape.
PAZU: Run well away!
DORA: Hey, wait! Take these.
PAZU: Thanks.
DORA: He became a man in an emergency, didn't he...?
GENERAL: What! Mooska broke up all the radios?
SOLDIER: Yes, sir. We caught his pets making themselves scarce inside the ship.
SOLDIER 1: Many in the arrival army are seriously wounded. The Captain is inside the lower dark hemisphere. The army witnessed it.
GENERAL: Greenhorn! Showed his true colors. Gather the troops. It's a spy hunt!
SOLDIERS: Gather all squadrons! Hey -- Hurry up! Number 3 squadron.
SOLDIERS: If they resist, I don't care if you shoot to kill. Find the entrance!

(Somewhere in the interior of the island.)

AGENT: Captain -- where in the world is this place. ..?
MOOSKA: The nerve center of Laputa. The castle above and such, are no more than rubbish.
MOOSKA: The science of Laputa is completely stored in here. You will wait here.
AGENTS: Captain! Wait, Captain!
MOOSKA: Beyond here, none but the royal family can enter -- it's a sanctuary. What's this!

MOOSKA: The tree roots, as far as here...? (flip, flip) One paragraph, and it will all be reduced to ashes. Come --
MOOSKA: Shit -- here it is!
MOOSKA: H-here, too?! Shit!
MOOSKA: Found it! Oh... Look at this huge Levistone! THIS is the source of Laputa's power.
MOOSKA: Excellent. For 700 years it has been waiting for the return of the king.
SHEETA: 700 years...?
MOOSKA: Your clan forgot about that, didn't it?
MOOSKA: It's the black stone! Just like in the legend!
MOOSKA: I can read it -- I can read it!
SHEETA: Who in the world ARE you?
MOOSKA: I, too, have an old, secret name, Lusheeta. My name is Romooska Paro Ul Laputa.
MOOSKA: Your clan and my clan were originally one royal family. But when it fell to the ground, it was divided into two...

(The soldiers try to destroy the wall.)

SOLDIER 1: Not a crack.
SOLDIER 2: It's not mere stone.
GENERAL: Use all the bombs we've got!
MOOSKA'S VOICE: Your Excellency -- you cannot get in like that.
GENERAL: Mooska -- where are you?!

(opening of the gate)

MOOSKA'S VOICE: Well! Why do you hesitate? Please come inside, Your Excellency.
GENERAL: Yes -- Follow me!
VOICE: Follow His Excellency!
PAZU: Oof!
GENERAL: Wha-what is this place! Mooska -- come out!
MOOSKA: Be silent.

(An image of Mooska and Sheeta descends from the ceiling.)

GENERAL: Wh-what mockery is this?
MOOSKA: Refrain from speech. You are before the King of Laputa.
GENERAL: Are you sane... ?
MOOSKA: From now on, congratulate the rebirth of the monarchy. I think I will show you gentlemen the power of Laputa.
PAZU: Sheeta!
MOOSKA: I will show you the threat of Laputa.
VOICES: Oh! Wah!
MOOSKA: It's the heavenly fire that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah in the Old Testament. Ramayana, then Indora's arrows, too, it handed down.
MOOSKA: The whole world will bow to Laputa again, I believe...
GENERAL: Excellent, Mooska... You're a hero. It's an important distinguished service. (He draws fire at Mooska.)
MOOSKA: Ha, ha, ha ...
MOOSKA: Your stupid face made a perfect mask of disgust. Ow! Oh -- you!
SHEETA: Everyone -- run!
MOOSKA: Ha, ha, ha...
SOLDIER: Ah -- it's coming out!
DORA: Those fools!
LOUIE: It's full of them...
DORA: Everybody -- RUN!
LOUIE: Y-yes!
DORA: Check the Flapters!
CHARLES: Mama -- fly!
LOUIE: Hurry, let's get away!
DORA: Be quiet. Don't raise your voice.
DORA: Why are those two loitering behind! They'll end up falling.

MOOSKA: I hope you don't anger me again.
MOOSKA: Therefore, for the time being we will live here together. They had better run away at once.
MOOSKA: Do they intend to fight me?
PAZU: A robot.

PAZU: Sheeta!
MOOSKA: Excellent! Don't you think it's the best show? Oh! Look! The people are like garbage.
MOOSKA: What are you doing!
MOOSKA: Shit ... Give it back -- be a good girl. Come on.
SHEETA: Please -- open up!
MOOSKA: Ha, ha, ha... Where do you think you're going, Hm?
SHEETA: Open up!
SHEETA: Pant, Pant ...
PAZU'S VOICE: Sheeta---
SHEETA: Pazu...! PAZU!
PAZU: Sheeta ...
PAZU: Sheeta! Sheeta! Sheeta!
SHEETA: Ah, Pazu!
PAZU: I'm coming now. Shit... Get down!
SHEETA: Hurry, take this! It's Mooska -- hurry!
SHEETA: Throw it in the ocean...
PAZU: Sheeta!
MOOSKA: That stone you have is important. I'll trade the girl's life for it.
MOOSKA: Get up! The game of tag is over.
MOOSKA: The old throne room is not very splendid, is it? Come here!
SHEETA: You say this is the throne room? Here is a grave. Yours and mine.
SHEETA: Although the country was destroyed, such a king
is left. It's a joke. I won't give you the stone. You can't leave here without killing me.
SHEETA: Now, why was Laputa destroyed? I know perfectly well. There's a song in the valley of Gondoa:

Put down roots in the Earth; Let's live with the wind; With seeds, make fat the winter; With the birds, let's sing of spring. SHEETA: Whatever terrible weapons you may have, however many poor robots you use, you can't live separated from the ground.
MOOSKA: Laputa will not be destroyed. However many times, it will be reborn.
MOOSKA: The power of Laputa -- it's the dream of the human race. Your ears will be next. On your knees! Beg for your life. Get the stone back from the brat!
PAZU: Wait! The stone is hidden. If you shoot Sheeta, I won't return the stone.
SHEETA: Pazu -- don't come here, it's no use. No matter what, I think he's going to kill us.
MOOSKA: Brat -- the girl's life is in exchange. Tell me where the stone is. Or else, will you defeat me with that cannon?
PAZU: I want to talk with Sheeta, alone.
SHEETA: It's no use -- throw away the stone and run!
MOOSKA: I'll wait three minutes.
PAZU: Sheeta -- calm down. Listen closely. Tell me those words. I'll say them, too. I have it in my left hand. I'll show you.
PAZU: I cut the ropes on Auntie and the others.
MOOSKA: It's time! Let's hear your answer.... (Pazu drops his gun.) Huh?
PAZU AND SHEETA: Balse! (Explosion. They cry in horror of what they've done.)

MOOSKA: Ahhh...

Laputa starts to self-destruct.

MOOSKA: Ahhh.. My eyes, my eyes... Ah, Ahhh... my eyes... Ahhhh, Ahhh...

CHARLES: Mama -- it's collapsing!
DORA: It can't be helped -- launch! Hurry!
HENRI: Quickly!

HENRI: Mama, look! The kettle bottom is falling off.
LOUIE: But Sheeta was a good girl...
DORA: She used the word of destruction. Those children protected Laputa from the idiots.
CHARLES: The collapse has stopped!
LOUIE: It's the Levistone! Exceptional rascals.
PIRATE: It's going up.
DORA: It's a tree... I think that tree ended up holding everybody. Follow it. Heavy -- everyone, don't fall.

LOUIE: That's crazy.
PAZU: Sheeta ...
SHEETA: Pazu... Wow...
PAZU: The tree roots protected us.
PAZU: If we break the wire, it's OK. Let's go.
DORA: What are you doing? Aren't we dropping a bit?
HENRI: You're wrong. Ride like this.
LOUIE: It's Sheeta!
VOICES: It's Sheeta!
LOUIE: They're alive.
VOICE: It's the apprentice.
PIRATES: Hey! Yoo-hoo!
SHEETA: Auntie!
DORA: Safely alive, aren't you.
PAZU: Everyone's OK!
MOTRO: Everyone's OK but my poor, tattered ship... SOB
DORA: Don't be maudlin. We can build a pretty good ship! Poor thing -- pretty cruel way to get a haircut..
SHEETA: Auntie -- ouch!
DORA: Oh, sorry. Isn't it pitiful? Worrying terribly, full of these.
CHARLES: At any rate, in our spare time...

Closing Credits

Kimi o nosete (Carrying you)

``Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa'' ending theme (1986) ano chiheisen kagayaku no wa The reason the horizon shines dokoka ni kimi o kakushite iru kara is that somewhere it's hiding you. takusan no hi ga natsukashii no wa The reason I long for the many lights ano doreka hitotsu ni kimi ga iru kara is that you are there in one of them. saa dekake you hitokire no PAN So, I set out, with a slice of bread, NAIFU RAMPU kaban ni tsumekonde a knife, a lamp, stuffed in a bag. * tou-san ga nokoshita atsui omoi Father left me his burning desire. kaa-san ga kureta ano manazashi Mother gave me her eyes. chikyuu wa mawaru kimi o kakushite The earth turns, hiding you. kagayaku hitomi kirameku tomoshibi Shining eyes, twinkling lights. chikyuu wa mawaru kimi o nosete The earth turns, carrying you, itsuka kitto deau bokura o nosete carrying us both who'll surely meet. Repeat * Singer: Inoue Azumi
Lyricist: Miyazaki Hayao
Composer/Arranger: Hisaishi Jou
Translation: Theresa Martin (revised April 23, 1993)


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