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Meitantei Holmes
(Sherlock Hound)



The synopses of Miyazaki-directed episodes

(The number of each episode is according to the order in which they were aired, not the order in which they were produced.)


# 3 "The Little Client" - A little girl asks Holmes to find a big old cat. She says that her father, who has been away on business, sent her a letter, saying that if she had any trouble, to consult with this cat. Holmes realizes that this is an encoded message from her father, who was kidnapped by Moriarty to make counterfeit coins. By decoding the message, Holmes finds Moriarty's hideout, and finds the girl's father for her.


#4 "The Abduction of Mrs. Hudson" - Moriarty finally finds Holmes's weak point. It was his beautiful landlady, Mrs. Hudson (a 19 year old widow). Moriarty kidnaps Mrs. Hudson, and tells Holmes that if he wants her back, he has to steal a picture from the National Gallery. Meanwhile, Mrs. Hudson cannot stand the conditions in which Moriarty and his men are living, so she puts on her apron and gets to work. That night, after eating Mrs. Hudson's pie, Moriarty prays to God that he really wants to beat Holmes this time.


# 5 "The Blue Carbuncle" - A flying monster appears over a busy street in London. But it is a ploy of Moriarty. As people are distracted by the monster (which was actually Moriarty's flying machine), he easily steals the Blue Carbuncle from a jeweler. Meanwhile, Holmes befriends a child pickpocket, Polly. And it turns out that Polly just pickpocketed the Blue Carbuncle from Moriarty. Now, Moriarty is in hot pursuit of Polly, and Holmes has to protect her.


# 9 "Treasure Under the Sea" - A state-of-the-art submarine is stolen from the Navy. Holmes is asked (rather, ordered) by an admiral to find it. He successfully deduces where Moriarty is hiding it (of course, he was the one who stole it), but although the admiral pulls out all the stops, Moriarty manages to escape on the submarine. Holmes realizes that Moriarty is after the ship of Capt. Raithunder, who just found a vast treasure in a sunken ship. Holmes and Watson go after Moriarty on an airship.


# 10 "The White Cliffs of Dover" - One peaceful morning, a plane crashes near Baker Street. But before Holmes and Watson get to rescue the pilot, Mrs. Hudson (with a big ax) manages to rescue him. It turns out that Mrs. Hudson lost her pilot husband due to an airplane crash. Holmes realizes that this crash was caused by Moriarty, who is trying to sabotage the Paris-London airpost. Holmes and Watson try to save the post, but it is again Mrs. Hudson who saves the day.


# 11 "Where Did the Sovereigns Go?" - A rich industrialist commissions Holmes to find stolen sovereign coins. He has a huge golden money-bank, which is shaped like a statue, and among thousands of coins a dozen are missing. Holmes notices that contrary to this man's wealth, the people who are working for him (properly called "underworld") are poor and living in shabby conditions. And the man's son, Michael, is trying to do some good for them.

Written by Ryoko Toyama

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